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September 26, 2012
In a village in India, children from one of the country’s lowest social classes are getting help from a group of Nebraskans. The effort started... more››
September 24, 2012
Nebraska environmental officials are evaluating the latest route proposed for the Keystone XL oil pipeline. But opponents say under the state’s... more››
September 21, 2012
Many people who haven’t stepped foot on a dairy might think milking a cow is a sort of back-to-the land moment, where a milker bonds with his... more››
September 20, 2012
Irrigation helped some farmers keep the drought at bay over the summer. The water kept fields of corn green long after others withered away. Now... more››
September 19, 2012
New data from the United States Census Bureau paints two different pictures of economic health for Nebraska’s population. Overall... more››
September 18, 2012
The presidential candidates have yet to meet in a face-to-face debate. But last week in Des Moines, Iowa, ag leaders witnessed a preview of sorts... more››
September 18, 2012
ALMA, NE - Hal Haeker is the mayor of Alma, Neb. A small community in the central part of the state, Alma has a population of 1,133. But for... more››
September 14, 2012
Head to your local filling station and you might see a new blend of gas at the pump. After a three-year regulatory process, the Environmental... more››
September 13, 2012
In Nebraska’s Omaha-area Second Congressional District, differences over economic policies are playing a major role in Democrat John Ewing... more››
September 13, 2012
“We have to maintain our culture. We’re selling our culture down (the) drain - we don’t have any standards anymore.”Greg... more››