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July 27, 2018
Congress is debating the 2018 farm bill, which will set rules for everything from research budgets to hunger programs. It will also decide how much... more››
July 26, 2018
He’s known for his aggressive, almost angry paintings, work that includes familiar symbols and bright colors. For Matt Sesow, art has become therapy... more››
July 25, 2018
Take one Libertarian legislator who left the Republican Party over disagreements with Gov. Pete Ricketts. Add a Republican candidate who wasn’t the... more››
July 24, 2018
The trade war has come home to roost among U.S. farmers and ranchers whose livelihoods are targeted by tariffs from China, Mexico and Canada. The U.S... more››
July 24, 2018
Nebraska is fighting human trafficking on a lot of fronts. Awareness, law enforcement, legislation, social services. An update on these efforts, and... more››
July 23, 2018
In rural America there’s a shortage of veterinarians. The pay is low, the hours long and fewer of these professionals want to live where there are... more››
July 20, 2018
A 148-year-old artifact connected to a popular piece of classical music has been hiding out for a couple decades in a safe deposit box in Lincoln,... more››
July 19, 2018
Preparations for a new tribal casino a few hundred feet outside the Omaha city limits are underway after years of delays and legal battles.[[INSET... more››
July 19, 2018
Scientific research could deliver transformative technologies to the food system over the next decade, according to a new report from the... more››
July 18, 2018
Eight years after Callaway’s 600 residents banded together to keep the doors of a skilled living facility open, the central Nebraska town is... more››