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June 14, 2012
Emily Epperson did some moving around before she got to where she is now. The 25-year-old Lincoln native had a two-semester stint at a small college... more››
June 13, 2012
Imagine living on a deserted island for several years. There's little doubt, coming back to civilization, you'd see the world as a changed... more››
June 12, 2012
Last week, the University of Nebraska Board of Regents approved health benefits for unmarried partners, including same-sex couples. Advocating for... more››
June 11, 2012
There is a culture war raging in the heartland, but it's not about abortion or religion or gay marriage - it's about how food is produced. As... more››
June 10, 2012
Amtrak struggles to get people to ride the train in Nebraska. Five stations serve the state, but to catch the train either east or westbound,... more››
June 8, 2012
A scholar - portraying a notable historical figure. That hybrid of research and theater is what Chautauqua is all about. On a recent evening, one of... more››
June 7, 2012
A company with a new facility in Nebraska wants to be part of the next step for biofuels. Novozymes' new plant in Blair, north of Omaha, will... more››
June 6, 2012
Lisa Crockett Nebraska's Hispanic and Latino population has nearly doubled in the last decade, reaching just under ten percent. But despite... more››
June 5, 2012
On a warm morning recently, Ken Svoboda of Ray's Lawn and Home Care in Lincoln was showing Andrew Baehr where to put a load of landscaping rock.... more››
June 4, 2012
Sitting three stories above Union Pacific's Bailey Yard, Merle Stillwell has a job many boys and girls would love - but his role as yard master... more››