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November 25, 2015
The Pew Research Center surveyed Americans this year about what they want to see in their public libraries. One theme that surfaced over and over... more››
November 24, 2015
What about the books?Librarians across Nebraska hear versions of that question almost every day as more and more readers use electronic devices to... more››
November 23, 2015
At the crossroads. A phrase used often when talking about libraries in America, also true in Nebraska where libraries are facing new directions in... more››
November 20, 2015
In the past 10 years, the use of social media has skyrocketed. Around 2 billion people use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, 73... more››
November 19, 2015
There’s a new strategic plan for Nebraska’s prisons, long troubled by overcrowding and other problems -- including a deadly riot at the prison in... more››
November 18, 2015
The value of farmland is riding high, and so are the taxes farmers pay on that property. But as those numbers remain steady, the actual income... more››
November 17, 2015
Governor Pete Ricketts is not backing down in his opposition to the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Nebraska. Ricketts’ remarks at a news... more››
November 17, 2015
A secret lies behind a downtown storefront in the small northeast Nebraska town of Lyons. It's one of four public art projects in rural communities... more››
November 16, 2015
Migrant workers travel rural areas in the U.S. picking crops like cotton, apples, and melons. As they move, they find few social services and even... more››
November 12, 2015
The population of monarch butterflies has declined so dramatically in recent years that the iconic insect is being considered for the U.S. Fish... more››