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June 2, 2016
More Nebraskans started getting arrested for pot possession when Colorado legalized the drug according to a new study by researchers at the... more››
June 1, 2016
Nebraska State Sen. Laura Ebke is switching from the Republican Party to the Libertarian Party.Ebke, a political scientist from Crete, is in the... more››
May 31, 2016
When people talk about renewable energy in Nebraska, they’re usually talking about wind power. But the use of solar power is on track to more than... more››
May 30, 2016
A bipartisan group of 13 Nebraska state senators is criticizing Gov. Pete Ricketts for, in their view, letting political party trump principal.At the... more››
May 30, 2016
After several boom years while the rest of the economy struggled, farming is entering its third straight year on the bust side of the cycle. Prices... more››
May 27, 2016
Three teenagers from small town Nebraska. Two went to war and never came home. The other spent much of this year giving new life to their story. Here... more››
May 26, 2016
Nebraska isn’t famous for its beer—yet. But there are now more than 25 craft breweries in the state, and several have won major national and... more››
May 25, 2016
A slaughterhouse is a safer place to work than it used to be, according to a new government report. But data gathered by federal regulators doesn’t... more››
May 25, 2016
Sometimes it’s not only the criminal who holds the gun, but the person who bought it.[[INSET RIGHT 0]]Last year Jalita Johnson walked out of a pawn... more››
May 24, 2016
A detention facility for high-risk youth has been the center of debate for one Nebraska community. Kearney looks to deal with issues at its... more››