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January 26, 2016
Over recent months, events around the world and the U.S. have had a profound effect on one small mosque in Omaha, Nebraska. And that’s opened up a... more››
January 25, 2016
Should cities like Omaha and Lincoln be able to regulate guns, or should that job be left to the state? That’s the question being debated in the... more››
January 25, 2016
Cooking for yourself from scratch takes a lot of time and energy – including electricity. But what uses more energy, homemade foods or prepackaged... more››
January 23, 2016
There's a unique sight just outside of Alliance in Nebraska's panhandle, besides Carhenge. It's a year-round greenhouse that uses just a trace of... more››
January 22, 2016
Cities and villages in Nebraska could not enact ordinances to prevent carrying concealed weapons under a bill being debated in the Legislature. And a... more››
January 22, 2016
Where Nebraska was once covered by grassland, most of the land is now used for agriculture. The loss of prairie causes problems for native... more››
January 21, 2016
The Nebraska Legislature is debating a question about whether meatpacking companies may own hogs in the state, amid an undercurrent of accusations... more››
January 21, 2016
After years of talks, negotiators from a dozen countries along the Pacific Ocean reached a deal to create the biggest trade pact in history. A... more››
January 20, 2016
Waiters and waitresses could earn more, and businesses could get a tax break for locating on Indian reservations, under bills introduced in the... more››
January 19, 2016
One of the high-stakes policy battles in this year’s session of the Nebraska Legislature began Tuesday, as senators introduced the latest proposal to... more››