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May 17, 2016
Update: A company that wants to build a chicken processing plant in the eastern Nebraska city of Fremont has asked the city to annex land  for... more››
May 16, 2016
We all learned it as kids: Old MacDonald has a farm and on that farm he has a cow that says “moo.” But why do cows moo? Farmers know how to... more››
May 13, 2016
You’ve heard about drones – unmanned aircraft – being used for everything from military attacks to documentary filming. Now, the University of... more››
May 12, 2016
Nebraska's courtroom campaign against Colorado marijuana remains very much alive. The U.S. Court of Appeals will be getting legal briefs from both... more››
May 11, 2016
The ballot is set for Nebraska's second Congressional district where Democrat Brad Ashford is defending his House seat for the first time. His... more››
May 10, 2016
Nebraskans went to the primary election polls Tuesday to vote on who should advance to the general election for president, congress, and other... more››
May 10, 2016
NET News will have updates on the primary election tonight on NET Radio as well as Facebook and Twitter. Follow the link below to get more coverage... more››
May 9, 2016
When you think rattlesnakes, you probably think desert. But different species make their homes all over the country. Hunters bring in thousands of... more››
May 6, 2016
Expected Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump held a rally in Omaha Friday.Hundreds of fans, curious onlookers, and a few protesters turned... more››
May 6, 2016
Second district Representative Brad Ashford is the only Democrat among Nebraska’s D.C. delegation. As he starts off his bid for reelection, two... more››