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November 20, 2017
A Nebraska commission approved an alternative route for the Keystone XL oil pipeline through the state on Monday, removing the last major regulatory... more››
November 20, 2017
There’s a place where fans of old Hollywood westerns can dress up and shoot guns just like their favorite movie cowboys. In cowboy action shooting, a... more››
November 17, 2017
In a red metal barn on a hill in Denton, Nebraska, population 205, a retired Lutheran pastor is giving old organs new life. It’s a hobby that’s... more››
November 16, 2017
Nebraska colleges are seeing an increase in political science majors. One professor thinks it could be related to the 2016 presidential election.... more››
November 15, 2017
In September President Trump announced an end to the controversial Obama-era DACA program. It provides deportation protection and other benefits to... more››
November 14, 2017
Large farm groups say there is a shortage of farm labor in the U.S. and it has reached crisis levels. A proposal is working through Congress to... more››
November 13, 2017
Nebraska regulators plan to announce their decision next week on the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline route across the state.The Nebraska Public... more››
November 13, 2017
In the hopes of not repeating a problematic year for soybean crops, farmers across the U.S. are deciding how best to protect their crops and their... more››
November 10, 2017
The Vietnam War figured prominently in the lives of many Americans, including those living on the Great Plains.On today's show we’ll hear how one... more››
November 10, 2017
The World Health Organization released recommendations this week to curb the use of antibiotics on farms. The United Nations’ public health agency... more››