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December 18, 2013
The United States has a long history of making and storing military weapons around the country. Some of those sites became contaminated, requiring... more››
December 17, 2013
[[INSET RIGHT]]More than 200,000 Nebraskans do not have health insurance, and with 11.4 percent of the population uninsured the state ranks... more››
December 17, 2013
The Nebraska State Chamber of Commerce says a number of business owners across Nebraska are reporting a lack of skilled labor in the marketplace.... more››
December 16, 2013
A new model for suburban development is springing up across the country that taps into the local food movement. Farms, complete with livestock,... more››
December 13, 2013
Nebraska stands alone as the only state in the country relying solely on volunteers to provide elderly, poor, or disabled residents with required... more››
December 12, 2013
When the Nebraska Legislature reconvenes next month, senators are expected to introduce a new proposal to expand Medicaid, with a bigger role for... more››
December 11, 2013
With rootworms building resistance to genetically modified corn that makes its own pesticide, seed companies are working on new crops that target the... more››
December 10, 2013
Wisconsin produces the largest amount of cranberries in the U.S. In fact, half of the world's supply of the fruit comes from the state. It takes a... more››
December 9, 2013
Scientists have long-studied the microbes that live in the soil. Now, some researchers are focused on how to harness the good things those microbes... more››
December 6, 2013
Former South African president Nelson Mandela died yesterday at the age of 95. Robyn Murray is a South African journalist and former News Director of... more››