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February 1, 2016
Presidential candidates have been in Iowa for months. But aside from ethanol policy they have not spent much time talking about the biggest... more››
January 29, 2016
The United States Supreme Court is reviewing arguments in a boundary dispute between the Omaha Tribe and the village of Pender, Nebraska after... more››
January 28, 2016
Nebraska voters would be asked if they want to let 18-year -olds serve as legislators, Supreme Court judges and the governor under a proposal being... more››
January 27, 2016
 Cities in Nebraska will still be able to enact tighter gun regulations than called for in state law; and a proposal to expand a statewide... more››
January 27, 2016
There’s a unique grocery store in a tiny town in north central Nebraska that’s unusual because of who owns and operates it. Cody is home to... more››
January 26, 2016
Nebraska lawmakers are questioning Gov. Pete Ricketts’ plans for prison construction, and are continuing to wrestle with whether state law or local... more››
January 26, 2016
Over recent months, events around the world and the U.S. have had a profound effect on one small mosque in Omaha, Nebraska. And that’s opened up a... more››
January 25, 2016
Should cities like Omaha and Lincoln be able to regulate guns, or should that job be left to the state? That’s the question being debated in the... more››
January 25, 2016
Cooking for yourself from scratch takes a lot of time and energy – including electricity. But what uses more energy, homemade foods or prepackaged... more››
January 23, 2016
There's a unique sight just outside of Alliance in Nebraska's panhandle, besides Carhenge. It's a year-round greenhouse that uses just a trace of... more››