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July 24, 2017
It’s troubling times right now for Midwest farmers. Farm income is down for the fourth-straight year. Prices for the most important crops are down.... more››
July 21, 2017
You may know Bill and Evonne Williams for their honor flights. The couple have spent the past ten years taking more than 3000 Nebraska World War II,... more››
July 20, 2017
This week, we’ve been hearing about Nebraska’s unique landscapes and the work of people across the state to conserve them. For our last story, we... more››
July 19, 2017
A case of mad cow disease has been found in a cow in Alabama. U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists confirmed Tuesday that an 11-year-old cow... more››
July 19, 2017
This week, NET News is taking a closer look at some of the unique and diverse habitats of Nebraska. Today, we travel to the southeastern part of the... more››
July 18, 2017
Nebraska is home to many unique and diverse landscapes. The Nebraska Natural Legacy Project seeks to conserve the state’s plants, animals and natural... more››
July 17, 2017
Animal agriculture today doesn’t usually mix livestock. A barn is just for pigs or a pasture is for cattle-only. But some farmers are exploring... more››
July 13, 2017
A 20 percent increase in the number of requests for DNA testing at the Nebraska State Patrol Crime Lab has undercut hopes technicians could reduce... more››
July 12, 2017
As the Nebraska Public Service Commission prepares for a hearing that could determine if the Keystone XL pipeline gets built, anti-pipeline... more››
July 10, 2017
Schools in rural districts often don’t have the budget or teachers to offer students all the courses they would like to take. One rural district in... more››