The Wildwoods Live from Home

Mar 20 2020 - 7:00pm

Please note: Coronavirus shutdowns may impact availability of events--please ensure the venue is open before making plans. Times listed are local times (CT or MT) depending on the location of the event.
About this event
These days we are living in seem so surreal, almost as if we are living in a movie. The struggles and hardships that come along with choosing a career in music and/or art are especially heightened during times like these. One thing we know about living this lifestyle, is that no matter the uncertainty the outside world may bring, we will always have each other, our love, and music. Let’s bring people together! Join Goose and I live from our home, as we share some exciting news with you, and play uplifting love tunes to bring some brightness to these tough times. ❤️❤️ Donations and tips welcome via PayPal/Venmo, or leave a friendly comment to make us smile:) All proceeds will go to our fund to make some new recordings and a new music video with our band! PayPal: Venmo: @NoahGose
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