Opera in Conversation: Artistic Choices and Obligations

Oct 29 2019 - 6:00pm

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About this event
Opera in Conversation features three sessions in advance of each production featuring artists, scholars, and other public figures that foster cross-disciplinary explorations of artists, big questions, and concepts in Opera Omaha’s mainstage productions. Madama Butterfly is a beautiful operatic tragedy, but it was written in a time where exoticism of Japan, japonaiserie, was du rigueur. This concept of the exoticism of Japan relied on superficial observations and stereotypes of Japanese people and their culture. The question of what cultural appropriation is and what obligations to the originality of the text and to our contemporary notions of cultural respect is an emerging meta-theme to the for the opera industry and its artists. Is it possible to navigate these works and to reclaim the production in ways that honor rather than caricaturize cultures? What choices can a director make to bring authenticity and intention to a production? The sets can convey just as much about the intentions of the production as the acting and singing. What is the role of design in navigating these issues? Leslie Swackhamer, Director, Madama Butterfly & Yuki Izumihara, Designer- Recent Opera Omaha Productions: Les Enfants Terribles, Upcoming: The Capulets and The Montagues. Moderated by Katherine MacHolmes, Program Partner, Inclusive Communities. Presented in Partnership with Inclusive Communities
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