Meet Authors Julie Czerneda, K.D. Edwards & Don Allmon

Apr 25 2019 - 6:00pm

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About this event
Meet the authors as they kick off the 2019 ConStellation convention!  "Do Androids Dream of Electric Boogaloo?" Julie Czerneda -For over twenty years, Canadian author/ former biologist Julie E. Czerneda has shared her curiosity about living things through her science fiction novels, published by DAW Books. Julie has written fantasy too, the first installments of her Night’s Edge series (DAW) A Turn of Light and A Play of Shadow, winning consecutive Aurora Awards (Canada’s Hugo) for Best English Novel. Julie’s latest science fiction novel is Search Image, Book #1 of her new SF series, The Web Shifter’s Library.Julie has edited/co-edited numerous  award-winning anthologies of SF/F, including SFWA’s 2017 Nebula Award Showcase, but nothing prepared her for the sheer joy of opening her Clan Chronicles to fans of the series to produce Tales from Plexis, out December 2018. This year, Julie is delighted to a guest of honour at ConStellation, April 26-28th. What’s coming next? Her new fantasy standalone, The Gossamer Mage, out August 2019. Don Allmon -Don has lived everywhere from New York to San Francisco and currently lives on the prairies of Kansas. He recently completed a Master of Arts in English Literature from the University of Kansas where he managed to convince the thesis committee to let him write about twelfth-century Breton werewolf stories. By day, Don does IT support; by night he writes fiction. Don is a fan of comic books, folk tales, pulp, noir, horror, wuxia, and spaghetti westerns.Don’s debut cyberpunk trilogy, The Blue Unicorn series, is published by Riptide Publishing. Publishers Weekly gave the first book a starred review saying, “A cyberpunk sensibility, intense action, and flagrant sensuality make a potent mix in Allmon’s swoonworthy debut." K.D. Edwards -K.D. lives and writes in North Carolina, but has spent time in Massachusetts, Maine, Colorado, New Hampshire, Montana, and Washington. Mercifully short careers in food service, interactive television, corporate banking, retail management, and bariatric furniture has led to a much less short career in Higher Education.The first book in his urban fantasy series The Tarot Sequence, called THE LAST SUN, was published by Pyr in June 2018. Library Journal gave THE LAST SUN a starred review saying, “Intriguing characters, a fast-paced mystery, and an original magical hierarchy will immediately hook readers.” Books available for purchase and autograph!
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