THAT LOOK NOT LIKE THE INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH: Encountering Shakespearean Difference

Mar 14 2018 - 7:00pm

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About this event
From bastards to broken kings; weird sisters, hobgoblins, and headstrong French women, Shakespeare created a pantheon of abominations and outsiders through which to view the human condition. By exploring and encountering the “other,” we describe and shed light on that which we are not. And by placing the oddities in relief to the normative and the traditional, we see how their stories are tempered and defined by their opposites. Morality is sharpened by perversion. Loyalty by rebellion. Growth by decay and death. This lecture is an introspective look at what insight is gained when the differences of Shakespeare’s most abnormal and grotesque characters are inspected. Featuring performances by Nebraska Shakespeare actors in promotion of the 2018 performance season. Free & Open to the Public - Free Parking Lot E
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UNO - Weitz Community Engagement Center - Room 230/231
6400 South University Drive Road North
Omaha, NE 68182
United States