Flyover New Music Series: Cognizance

Jan 26 2018 - 7:30pm

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About this event
The Flyover New Music Series is the new music series from the composition studio at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Glenn Korff School of Music. The series is administered and overseen by composition faculty and students. In the program notes to his piece Cognizance – from which our program takes its name – composition student Joshua Spaulding writes: “we will only continue to move forward through deliberate collaboration with those we each perceive to be different.” I was as struck by this statement the first time I read it as I am now, re-reading it. In its first year, the primary goal of the Flyover New Music Series continues to be the dissolution of barriers: between genres, between performer and composer, and between musician and audience. Flyover is founded on a belief that collaboration – even, as Josh describes, collaboration beyond difference – can help all of us to achieve something greater, and perhaps to help us find a uniting force that is stronger than our differences. The program is a uniquely collaborative one. Several of the pieces you’ll hear were written and conceived alongside the student performers who will present them. Many of the performers tonight are composers themselves, with some featuring their work on the program. The variety of experiences and expressions represented in this program is immense, but every piece is a collaborative exercise: a shared effort between performer, composer, and listener to create something amazing together. ~ Greg Simon Assistant Professor of Composition Additional Public Info: Free and open to the public.
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Westbrook Recital Hall
1104 R Street
Lincoln, NE 68588
United States