Author Event - Madeline Cass

Dec 20 2019 - 5:00pm

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About this event
Meet author and photographer Madeline Cass.  Her latest work is a personification of place, an emotional reverie on a salt marsh near her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. A mostly forgotten and misunderstood place, this inland salt marsh is moistened by groundwater seeps, with water nearly as salty as the ocean, where endemic and endangered species call home. Frank Shoemaker Marsh and the surrounding protected wetlands are what remains of Nebraska’s saline wetlands, one of the rarest ecosystems on the Great Plains. how lonely, to be a marsh is an attempt to engender an elusive place not readily known – at once both heartfelt & heartbroken. Cass combines her poetry and photography, images of botanical and zoological specimens, and early 1900s glass plate negatives and journal excerpts by pioneering prairie ecologist Frank Shoemaker. “touching a place,/you ask it to enter your DNA//stroke the grasses, the flowers, the birds, the beetles,/the salt, the water,/in an act of becoming.” Photographer and poet Madeline Cass makes her new work in order to merge with a Salt Marsh and speak. That her project is convincing, erotic, exquisite, and memorable is no surprise. As passionate in her conviction as she is masterful in her art, this latest piece is a gift to readers. Enjoy it, consume it! And act to save these rare and precious environments. - Hilda Raz, author of All Odd and Splendid Commissioned by Platte Basin Timelapse with support from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the Nebraska State Museum, and the Center for Great Plains Studies. Mad(eline) Cass (b.1993) earned a BFA in studio art with an emphasis in photography from the University of Nebraska in 2017. Her work examines the myriad relationships between art, science, nature, and humanity. Through photography, artist books, zines, poetry, drawing, collage, video, installation and sculpture, her work follows mycological metaphors of growth and decay. Books available for purchase and Mad will sign them! Always free gift wrap!
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