Mar 29 2020 - 7:30pm

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About this event
A unique blend of opera, installation art and theater, MTHR/WMN is an original creation celebrating how powerful it can feel to be a woman at this exact moment in history and how incredibly fulfilling it is to share that with a child. Devised for all audiences and all ages, ONE invites you to directly participate in this world premiere experience from the mind of costume designer Mattie Ullrich. Utilizing the cast and creative team’s personal stories, history and life experience, this premiere work journals the metamorphosis from womanhood to motherhood while exploring themes of modern childhood excess and the battle to teach our children restraint in technology--even while we continue to gorge. Featuring original music from returning percussionist and composer Clara Warnaar, Ullrich (2017-Flight) devises a tactical art and music experience not to be missed. Participants are invited to rethink the idea of perfection while joining in a “craft hour” prior to the performance, taking apart and reconstructing toys to be used in the production design.
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