Everett Community Gong Show

Apr 26 2014 -
1:00pm to 6:30pm
About this event
The Everett Community Gong Show is a lot like the original Gong Show in the '70's. We have an excellent panel of judges (Brad Anderson from 10/11 News, Cindy Lange-Kubick from the Journal Star, Senator Colby Coash, Dr. Tim Lieske and his twin brother Tom Lieske) and an awesome emcee (Scott Schroeder)! Good, bad, and strange acts get up on a stage and perform. The judges either let them finish, or they get gonged off. It's a lot of fun! There will be food trucks and beverages available. The fundraiser is for a really good cause, and all of the proceeds go to Everett Elementary. We have a lot of things that we would like to help with: field trip to the zoo for the first graders, 30 more dictionaries for the fifth grade, 25 Dr Seuss books for the third grade, a summer scholarship program for children to attend camps, an end of the year pizza party for the fifth graders, and much, much more! Tickets are $5/adult and $1/child
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