Uncertain States Exhibition

Jul 7 2014 - 12:00pm to Jul 26 2014 - 5:00pm
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PRESS RELEASE For additional information: Contact: Launa Bacon director@dargerhq.com 402-209-5554 Uncertain States Angela Simione / TripleScorpio / Launa Bacon Local Artist Gallery: Taura Horn July 7th – July 26th Opening First Friday July 11th, 6-10pm Darger HQ Parrish Studios, 1410 O Street, Suite 1 (above Duffy’s Tavern) Open Thursday-Saturday 12-5pm or by appointment 402-209-5554 info@dargerhq.com www.dargerhq.com Image: Angela Simione, THOU SHALT DIE, 2011, crochet, 35 x 20in. Uncertain States, featuring work by Angela Simione (San Francisco, CA), TripleScorpio (New York, NY), and Launa Bacon (Lincoln, NE) will run from July 7th – July 26th, with an opening reception on Friday July 11th. Taura Horn will exhibit her latest photographs in the Local Artist Gallery. The three US artists’ work reveals a contentious assessment of the current state of American art and culture. Their source material derives from a media-saturated world, one where personal outlook and future is unstable and capricious. Angela Simione’s crochet pieces takes text from her own hand-written diary and uses the details of her biographical reality. She explores the nature of identity construction and personal signification. The dark personal psychology and family details which are normally hidden safely away inside the covers of the diary are presented as signs. These signs, fragmented and removed from their original context, insist upon the malleability of reality based on perception, proximity, and legibility. Not all signs are written in a clear script or appear the way we are trained to expect. They can take the form of a sweater and present the body as a billboard. They can take the form of a drawing, be tacked to a wall, and stake the outline of a deep, hidden reality. Simione states, “But regardless of form, I am interested in this charting out of attraction and fear as a means of mapping identity. I gather clues, fragments, snippets of phrases. I make uncomfortable, ambiguous signs that might even lead me, the sign maker, down a perilous road. Identity is made and re-made.” TripleScorpio is a pseudonymous US-based street artist, political activist and painter. TripleScorpio collected hundreds of discarded posters and marketing material from Gap. By re-imaging and slightly altering the imagery, TripleScorpio illuminates inherent disturbing elements, addresses issues of authenticity, and challenges the established social equilibrium. Launa Bacon’s work explores the strange phenomena of entangled memories and the moulding of psychological individual behavior through the influence of various cultures, mass media and social structures. Bacon states, “I am interested in a kind of sublime play that explores the nature of female identity and the human condition in relation to nature. My work is not bound to any particular medium, traditional display or expression but driven by content and intent.” Every month, exhibitions will feature emerging US and international artists alongside local artists in the Local Artists Gallery. Outside the framework of the gallery program, Darger HQ will engage in educational outreach, host lectures, workshops and performances and organize community-based programs such as the downtown window installation initiative and contemporary art happenings in Lincoln.
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