Gallery Crawl and Special Events as a part of Frogman's 2018 Workshop

Jul 13 2018 - 6:00pm

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Gallery Crawl and Special Events from 6 - 9pm at Bancroft Street Market Natural Disasters, July 1st - 14th This exhibition displays the work of five artists whose works analyze a range of disasters including those man-made. Emmy Lingscheit examines interdependencies between the biological and the man-made, in which she blurs the lines between the organic and the synthetic. She is most notably recognized as a printmaker, in which her works are an amalgamation of dystopian fiction, climate disruption, irony, hope, and species extinction. Ashton Ludden's work consists of engraved images of animals depicted vulnerable alongside puns and word play to light-heartedly advertise poignant disturbances caused by humans. Her work strives to successfully target those with short attention spans and apathy. Jennifer Scheuer maintains a feminist perspective throughout her investigations in history, theology, and culture while maintaining a fascination with hidden knowledge and neglected narratives which seek to change or question history. Furthermore, she seeks to express desire for wisdom and well-being through her themes analyzing relationships between body, gender, ritual and history. Raluca Iancu’s themes of disaster, tragedy, memory and vulnerability are expressed through a range of mediums, from printmaking to edible art in which she questions the way we view and deal with tragedy. In doing so her work frequently incorporates humor alongside bright colors to counterpose traumatic content. Jordan Thornton’s considers the human relationship to the natural world and her work is a result of her childhood spent gardening with her mother. Just as the gardener digs, she claims to carve on wood blocks in search of roots, employing them as metaphors for what connects us to people, places, and pursuits. Nature's Grasp, July 1st - 14th Nature’s Grasp features the work of 18 artists whom have exhibited man’s capacity to create, destroy, and interrupt while periodically disturbing those same capabilities posited by nature. Furthermore, either instance can present creativity, calm, and tranquility. Attempting new ways to incorporate nature into human life, their desire is to invigorate the bond between the two.
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