What are your best summer hacks?

Summertime and the living is easy ... with these "hacks." Photo by Flickr user Niamh

Summertime and the living is easier with these “hacks.” Photo by Flickr user Niamh

After one of the more brutal winters in recent memory, who hasn’t looked forward to a summer filled with barbecues, days spent poolside and weekend jaunts to the beach or campsite? But forgotten in the dead of winter are the many woes of summer — from bug bites and sunburns to spoiled food and tepid beverages — that crop up as the weather turns from sunny to sweltering.

It becomes necessary to develop an arsenal of tips and tricks, or summer hacks, to keep these inconveniences from ruining the season. A few favorites? Use frozen green grapes to chill white wine. Skewer hot dogs and slice them in a spiral to ensure the franks are cooked to the core, as explained in this Foodbeast tutorial. Stash an old beach towel or two in the backseat of your car to serve as an extra layer between bare skin and hot vinyl, or to prevent sweat from soaking through onto cloth seats. Stock up on bounce dryer sheets, which according to a 2010 study in HortScience provide a viable alternative to sticky spray-on bug repellents.

Now we want to hear from you. What are your go-to summer hacks? What old wives’ tales and internet tricks have you found effective or ineffective? Share your successes and misteps by tweeting @NewsHour using the hashtag #NewsHourAsks. We also welcome instagram contributions. The best suggestions, and worst mishaps, will be compiled in a post in the coming weeks.

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