Paris bridge can’t handle weight of love (locks)

Locks attached to the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, France. Photo by Photo by Marios Amontaristos/Wikimedia Commons

In 2008, a tradition popped up in France among lovebirds. Couples began linking padlocks to the Pont des Arts–a footbridge in Paris–as a symbol for their love, forever throwing away the key into the river Seines.

But on Sunday night, the amount of love proved too much for the bridge to bear when an 8 foot section collapsed under the weight of the countless number of “love locks.”

According to AFP, the bridge was “immediately evacuated and closed”.

Government officials have previously warned of a potential collapse, and have cautioned bridge-goers from adding to the number of metal padlocks. But as the saying goes, love waits for no one. Evidently, a love lock’s weight can stop everyone in their tracks.

Photo by ThePromenader/Wikimedia Commons.

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