Nazi Mega Weapons

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July 3, 2013

In a quest for world domination, the Nazis built some of the biggest and deadliest pieces of military hardware and malevolent technology in history. Broadcast on consecutive Wednesdays, beginning July 17, the first three episodes of a new six-part PBS series, “Nazi Mega Weapons,” will air at 9 p.m. CT on NET1 and NET-HD.

The series recounts Germany’s engagement in World War II from a unique perspective -- uncovering the engineering secrets of iconic mega structures, telling the stories of the engineers who designed them and revealing how these structures sparked a technological revolution that changed warfare forever.

With rarely seen historic footage, recreations of milestone moments and interviews with history, engineering, and military strategy experts, “Nazi Mega Weapons” also recounts the strategic triumphs and wartime blunders of the Third Reich. 

The series’ first episode, “Atlantic Wall,” tells the story of the greatest fortification project of the 20th century -- Hitler’s ambitious Atlantic Wall, which stretched thousands of kilometers from France to Norway and was designed to protect Nazi-occupied Europe from the Allies. Drawing information from diaries left by people who worked on the wall, the program details how this vast engineering project gobbled up huge quantities of raw materials and employed a labor force gathered from all over the Third Reich territory, and how the bunker- and ammunition-filled wall faced its ultimate test on D-Day.

“U-Boat Pens” (July 24) describes the immense and impenetrable concrete and steel submarine pens that the Nazis built to protect their deadly U-boats from Allied attacks, with “V2 Rocket” (July 31) relating the development of the first long-range rockets designed and built by the Nazis in a network of top secret research labs, underground silos and hi-tech launch pads.

The final three episodes of “Nazi Mega Weapons” will air at a future date.

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