VIDEOS: Solemn Salutes To Fallen Firefighters In Arizona

The 19 "hotshots" who were killed while fighting a wildfire over the weekend were remembered on Monday in Prescott, Ariz. The simple tolling of a bell and the reading of their names brought home the sad story. Meanwhile, the fire they were fighting continues to burn.

The simple, sobering sound of a bell ringing as each firefighter's name and age was read brings home the sad story from Prescott, Ariz., where 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who died Sunday fighting a wildfire were remembered Monday.

The Associated Press has posted video from that ceremony.

ABC15 in Phoenix has also posted its video.

As NPR's Nathan Rott reported from Prescott on Morning Edition, the scale of the tragedy is starting to sink in even as the fire continues to burn. "News that the Granite Mountain Hot Shots were overtaken by flames has put the town in a trance," he says.

Meanwhile, Nathan adds, "the fire that claimed those 19 lives is still burning uncontrolled and uncontained, about 30 miles southwest of town. Over 400 firefighters — including a few other Hot Shot crews — are still battling the blaze, which has now charred over 50 structures and 8,000 acres."

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