2 Men Arrested After Pakistani Jet Is Diverted Over U.K.

Something happened aboard the flight from Lahore, Pakistan, to Manchester, England. Royal Air Force fighters were scrambled and the plane was ordered to land at an airport in Essex.

Two men were arrested and removed from a Pakistan International Airlines passenger jet Friday. It had been on its way from Lahore to Manchester when something that happened aboard led authorities to scramble Royal Air Force fighter jets and divert the passenger plane to London Stansted Airport.

Reuters and the BBC say the men were arrested on suspicion of "endangerment of an aircraft." Little is known, though, about what they allegedly did or what led to the decision to scramble the fighters and divert the flight.

Britain is on alert, of course, after Wednesday's brutal murder of a British soldier on a busy south London street. The men arrested for that attack were heard and recorded by witnesses saying that they had acted in retaliation for the deaths of Muslims during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Stansted airport tweets that "flights are operating as normal @STN_Airport following an earlier incident with an aircraft."

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