Millions In Argentina And Uruguay Without Electricity After Power Failure

A massive outage rolled across Argentina and Uruguay, plunging millions into darkness.

Argentina and Uruguay woke up in darkness Sunday after an unprecedented power failure cascaded across their shared electrical grid, affecting millions of people.

The Edesur electric utility tweeted that "a massive failure" left Argentina and Uruguay without power. The BBC reported that parts of Paraguay were also affected.

Edesur's spokesperson Alejandra Martinez told Argentinian media "something like this never happened," according to the BBC.

By about 12 noon local time, Edesur tweeted that it had restored service to 450,000 customers, with hospitals and health centers a priority.

In Buenos Aires, the Constitucion railway station was empty, with trains halted, Bloomberg reported.

Traffic lights failed across the city, and some shopkeepers ran generators to keep the lights on.

The Argentinian news site Infobae reported that the power cut stopped trains and subway service; however, two airports in Buenos Aires continued to run on generators.

Uruguay's state energy department wrote that "a flaw in the Argentine network" left Uruguay without light, according to Infobae.

The power outage fell on a day of provincial elections in some of Argentina's provinces.

The cause of the failure is not clear.

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