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Descendants of black pioneers discover their biracial history One of the most well-known settlements of African American pioneers in Nebraska is DeWitty in Cherry County. But not everyone knows DeWitty’s biracial history – including some of its own descendants.This DeWitty chapter begins with a love story.“I've heard that he spoiled her to the point that neighbors were jealous,” said Catherine Meehan Blount, the granddaughter of Charles and Hester Meehan,... more››
Bhutanese refugees among latest newcomers to Nebraska In the last 15 years, just over 10,000 refugees from around the world have resettled in Nebraska. Refugees from Bhutan are one of the largest groups among newcomers to the state.In a strip mall at 40th and Dodge Streets, tucked away behind the Jimmy John’s and the Family Dentistry, is Namaste Bazaar – a store serving Omaha’s Bhutanese refugee community. Here, bright orange, yellow and green... more››
Bumping and baby judging; but no light-fingered gentry…the 1916 Nebraska State Fair The 2016 Nebraska State Fair opens Friday in Grand Island. The event has definitely changed from the version of a century earlier. Here’s a look back, from the perspective of 1916 newspaper coverage.“There has been a good deal of competition of Nebraska cities, outside of Omaha and Lincoln, as to which has the right to the distinction of being the ‘third city of the state in size,'” said the... more››
Campaigns intensifying for, against the death penalty in Nebraska This fall voters will decide whether Nebraska has the death penalty. It’s a complex issue with lots for voters to think about. With the election getting closer, both sides are intensifying lobbying for your vote.It started with a Monday morning news conference. Omaha economist Ernie Goss presented his new study on the annual cost of having the death penalty in Nebraska versus not having it. Goss... more››
What can the sharing economy do for local food? The hardest part of starting a new food business should be in perfecting the secret recipe. For many entrepreneurial cooks though, the tough times come when searching for a space to legally make and sell their food. Commercial kitchen space, with stainless steel counters, industrial appliances meeting food safety regulations and appropriately-sized sinks, can be hard to come by and expensive to... more››
The Exodusters who came to Brownville One of the lesser-told stories of Nebraska pioneers is that of black former slaves who fled persecution in the South. On the Missouri River, Brownville was home to a large population of black settlers in Nebraska and is one of the few that has been excavated. It’s been nearly 20 years since Rob Bozell was on this site. Here in Auburn, about 10 miles west of Brownville where some of the earliest... more››
Exec Board will ask Kintner to testify on cybersex Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner will be asked to testify about using his state computer for cybersex at an August 29th hearing that could recommend his censure, impeachment or expulsion from the Legislature.The Legislature’s Executive Board – its internal governing body -- discussed Kintner’s status for nearly two hours Friday. Kintner has admitted using his state computer for a sexual... more››
Nebraska's Inland Ocean: Restoring the Saline Wetlands The water that comes out of the ground around Lincoln can be almost as salty as the ocean. Historically, that created a rare environment for salt-adapted plants and animals. But much of that habitat was lost as the city has grown. A partnership is working to restore it.Roughly seven miles northeast of Lincoln’s capitol building lies the confluence of Salt Creek and Little Salt Creek. From a high... more››
Studying the benefits and limitations of urban agriculture Urban farms are popping up all over the country. They are often touted as a way to create healthy vibrant communities and promote economic development. But a new study suggests urban farm advocates should be careful not to oversell the benefits.The report by the John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future compiled research from a wide range of academic fields, from social sciences, natural sciences... more››
Nebraska research works to identify race roles in police reform National events over the past two years have opened up a dialogue on police policy and race. Recently published research coming out of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is attempting to gauge public opinion on police reform. NET News  spoke with Ingrid Haas, one of the authors of a study examining how our individual experiences affect how we view police relations.NET NEWS: Take us back to how... more››
Old barns are turning into hot decorating product The business of deconstructing old barns and selling the wood for fancy new homes and condos is booming. But is it causing the loss of an iconic element of farm country? As the business of barn wood picks up, preservationists are taking notice.Larry Gerdes is having his barn taken down and disassembled in Malta Bend, Missouri. It’s about the size of a three-car garage but stands much taller in a... more››
Lincoln Art Collectors Put Old Carnegie Library To New Use In Iowa The small southwest Iowa town of Clarinda may not be the first place people think of visiting when they want to see internationally significant artwork. But that’s what’s happening, thanks to a couple of Nebraska art collectors. Robert and Karen Duncan are well-known art collectors in Lincoln, Nebraska – but they haven’t forgotten their hometown in southwest Iowa.The couple moved to Lincoln in... more››