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Nebraska Schools Support Communities Through Flood Relief More than a week after flooding began in eastern Nebraska, local schools are still feeling the impact. Some districts are back to class, while others are closed.Cedar Bluffs public schools are back in session as of yesterday. They closed down starting Thursday of last week. Luckily, last Friday was already a planned day off.Tina Hanzel is the middle and high school principal at Cedar Bluffs.“You... more››
Listen: Preservation Expert Offers Advice on Saving Flood-Damaged Heirlooms Many Nebraskans are still assessing flood damage and part of that process will be to go through family pictures and other heirlooms, things like books and old clothing, soaked by flood water. NET’s Jack Williams spoke with Randy Silverman, the head of preservation at the Marriott Library at the University of Utah, about how Nebraska families can minimize damage to important mementoes of their... more››
Plattsmouth grapples with flood recovery costs Like many communities across Nebraska, Plattsmouth – on the Missouri River, about 20 miles south of Omaha – was hit hard by flooding, which knocked out the city’s water and sewage treatment plants. Now, officials are grappling with how to repair the damage, and how to pay for it.Normally, it’s a mile drive from downtown Plattsmouth to the water treatment plant on the Missouri River just north of... more››
Listen: Northeast Nebraska Still Dealing With Flood Aftermath Areas of far northeast Nebraska are just now getting an idea of the scope of damage after the massive flooding in that part of the state. Some residents are still out of their damaged homes and many others don’t have a reliable source for drinking water after ice chunks destroyed their water system. NET’s Jack Williams spoke with Douglas Fox, the director of Emergency Management in Region 24, to... more››
Native American Activists Look to Next Steps After Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women Study Bill Passes At the beginning of the month, the Nebraska Legislature passed a bill for the state patrol to study why Native American women go missing at higher rates than the general population. Native American activists hope that’s just the start of what will be done to address the issue. Renee Sans Souci first learned about the efforts to address high rates of violence against Native American women several... more››
Abortion proposal heard; senators debate food stamps for drug felons A proposal to require abortion providers to tell women medically-induced abortions may be reversed drew support and opposition at a public hearing Wednesday. And senators debated whether to allow SNAP benefits – food stamps – for people convicted of drug felonies, once they’re released from prison.About half the abortions in Nebraska are performed by giving women two pills. The first blocks... more››
Progress Made on Flooded Roads in Nebraska, 375 Miles of Highway Still Closed On Wednesday, Nebraska Department of Transportation Director Kyle Schneweis said receding waters and the work of road crews have helped make significant progress in reopening major roads in the state.In total, Schneweis says over 2,000 miles of highways in the state were damaged or closed at some point during the flooding – roughly 20 percent of the roadway system.Now, Schneweis said 375 miles... more››
Nebraska Awaits Federal Disaster Declaration After Flood Damage Estimates Total More than $1 Billion Governor Ricketts on Wednesday said Nebraska has incurred more than a billion dollars in damages already from flooding. The state is awaiting a federal disaster declaration from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for what’s being called the most widespread natural disaster in Nebraska history.In total, 74 counties and 85 cities and towns in Nebraska have declared an emergency since last... more››
Fremont Volunteers Set Up Donation Center For Flood Victims Flood waters have started to recede in eastern Nebraska. In its wake there’s plenty of relief work to be done. In Fremont, volunteers have set up an extensive donation center.“We’re coming over here because the next thing we need is wash cloths and towels, and we just hope there’s some,” said Joanne Lehman. Her day job is substitute teaching in Fremont Public Schools. Today, she’s a shopper. A... more››
Living The Dream In Nebraska, Returning The Wish To South Sudan When most kids are four years old they are getting ready to enroll in kindergarten. But one such boy and his family who now live in Lincoln were instead about to embark on an escape by foot, across South Sudan and Ethiopia – a journey which would take five years. Jacob Maluak Manyang was born in a small village called Kolmarek in present-day South Sudan. In 1991, when he was four-years-old, a... more››
Flood's effects on state budget dicussed; senators debate paid family leave Repairing flood damage may force the state of Nebraska to dip further into its cash reserve, or cut spending on schools and other programs, the chair of the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee said Tuesday. And senators debated paid family leave.No one yet knows how much repairing damage to public property from the current flooding will cost. But when the bills come due, about 75 percent will... more››
Farm Flooding Losses Likely At Least One Billion Dollars Historic floods have devastated large swaths of central and eastern Nebraska, including many farms. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture has announced a hotline for farmers in need of help and for people looking to provide support.  Allison Mollenkamp of NET News discussed the impact of the flooding with Nebraska Director of Agriculture Steve Wellman.NET News:  On Friday the Nebraska State... more››