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Sarpy County Board Lowers Salaries The Sarpy County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday to lower its individual salaries by $95 per year.For the upcoming two fiscal years, the board's salaries will drop from $26,095 to $26,000. The county board has used that salary since 2015.“Anybody that’s in public service and is worried about their salary is in that for the wrong reasons," said Don Kelly, chairman of the Sarpy County Board... more››
Meteors to Fill Skies for Once in a Decade Event Much of the western hemisphere will see a storm of meteors Thursday night. The meteor storm, not to be confused with its less intense cousin -- the meteor shower -- will be lighting the eastern horizon for much of the Midwest starting at 10:30 p.m. CT Thursday.“It’s going to be much more intense than your typical meteor shower," said Todd Young, astronomy and physics professor at Wayne State... more››
Marginal Romance: Rediscovered Book Played Key Role In Nebraska Couple's, Daughters' Lives Handwritten notes in the margins of a nearly 150-year old book could provide some valuable insight into the courtship of two of Nebraska’s early leaders, Othman and Elizabeth Abbott, the parents of social welfare leaders Edith and Grace Abbott. The book sat forgotten on the back shelves of a museum in Grand Island until just recently.Before we tell you more about the old book, let’s establish... more››
Career Concerns Impact Mental Health During And After Military Service Growing awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder among veterans has increased funding for research and treatment. But less discussed are other mental health problems, like depression and anxiety – which are more prevalent among service members than the general population. This story is part of our ongoing reporting project Nebraska: State of Mental Health.Veterans who served between 2001 and... more››
Jury delivers split verdicts in O'Neill immigration raid trial A federal court jury in Lincoln reached a split verdict in a trial of two people stemming from last year’s immigration raids in and around O’Neill, Nebraska.Mayra Jimenez and John Glidden were both managers at companies that were employing people who were in the country illegally. Thursday, Jimenez was found guilty on two counts – harboring and conspiracy to harbor aliens, while Glidden was... more››
Peru Analyzing Solutions for Flood Damage More than eight months after flooding began in eastern Nebraska, the city of Peru is still partly under water. Peru still has flood waters over roads and fields. This is partly due to a levee break that has not yet been repaired.The Army Corps of Engineers says the levee is no longer active in the program that governs flood repair for non-federal flood control projects.Julie Slama is state... more››
This Year's Many Challenges Keep Farm Incomes Down, But Can’t Squelch Perennial Farmer Optimism During 2019, the curveballs thrown at farmers began with the partial government shutdown in January, when some U.S. Department of Agriculture agencies were closed. Spring brought a storm system—called a bomb cyclone—that dumped rain on top of frozen fields unable to make use of it, kicking off weeks of flooding exacerbated by additional precipitation. Planting ran later than usual and some... more››
O'Neill immigration raid trial goes to jury Testimony ended and closing arguments were heard Friday in a trial stemming from immigration raids last year in O'Neill, Nebraska. Jack Williams interviewed Fred Knapp of NET News about trial developments.Fred, could you bring us up to speed on what happened today?One of two remaining defendants, Mayra Jimenez, took the stand on her own behalf. Jimenez was the office manager at O'Neill Ventures... more››
Revenue plan would target farmers' property tax first The Nebraska Legislature’s Revenue Committee is informally endorsing a plan to use higher-than-expected state revenues to lower property taxes for farmers, homeowners and businesses. It’s a multi-year plan the Revenue Committee discussed Friday. In the first year, the tax value of agricultural land would be reduced from 75 to 55 percent of market value. Schools would lose an estimated $100... more››
Lincoln, Lancaster County Could Restrict E-Cigarette Use The Lincoln-Lancaster County Board of Health supported the addition of e-cigarette and vaping use to Lincoln’s indoor smoking ban Tuesday.The addition would not completely ban the use of e-cigarettes and vape products, but would limit where they can be used in public.“The idea that it’s harmless water vapor is completely false," said Christina Hitz, the Public Health Education Supervisor at the... more››
Company supervisors: We didn't know workers were in country illegally Supervisors of two companies who employed people arrested in last year’s immigration raids in and around O’Neill, Nebraska testified in their defense in court Thursday.John Glidden was a supervisor at two hog operations -- GJW LLC and Meuret Grain Co. that used workers supplied by Juan Pablo Sanchez Delgado, who has already pled guilty to harboring workers in the country illegally. Mayra Jimenez... more››
Investors in proposed Nebraska mining venture balance optimism, impatience There are two types of NioCorp investors with money on the line in the long-promised mining project proposed for Elk Creek in southeast Nebraska.Optimistic or frustrated.Both groups want to hear the construction of the mine can begin. First, however, the company must complete a complex agreement that would provide millions in funding.NioCorp is the Canadian company spearheading efforts to create... more››