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USDA to Host Roundtable on Opioid Crisis Prevention in Nebraska The USDA will host Nebraska state senators and other community leaders in a roundtable discussion on ways to combat the growing opioid crisis in the country.The roundtable will take place in the Nebraska Capitol on October 30, and will primarily focus on the potential for an opioid epidemic in the state. There will be an interactive discussion between lawmakers, medical professionals and law... more››
New Aviation Study Will Look at Impact on Nebraska Economy A new study is underway to gauge the impact of aviation on the Nebraska economy.The study, titled Aviation Counts!, is the first of its kind in the state since 2002. A quick snapshot of the Nebraska aviation industry in 2014 showed an $8.5 billion impact on the state economy. The snapshot prompted the Department of Transportation to conduct this larger, all-encompassing study looking at all... more››
Their Hands are Their Eyes: Kids Touch Their Way Around Lincoln Children’s Zoo For Nebraska children who are visually or sensory impaired, a trip to the zoo isn’t always quite as fun as it is for kids who can actually see the animals. But that’s changing for several hundred young people who are touching, smelling and listening their way through the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. The experience means just as much to their parents as it does to them.  Holding a hedgehog named... more››
Changes planned in Nebraska's child welfare system Nebraska is planning some changes in how it handles child welfare cases. Friends, family and neighbors may be asked to get involved.Last year, the federal government criticized Nebraska for not doing enough to engage families in dealing with child welfare cases – that is, situations where children are not being cared for adequately by their parents. Now, the state’s trying to improve.Matt Wallen... more››
American Lung Association Expo to Feature Discussions on Raising Disease Awareness Raising awareness and spreading knowledge on lung disease and lung cancer will be the focus for an upcoming expo hosted by the American Lung Association in Nebraska.The LUNG FORCE Expo will take place in Omaha on Tuesday, October 23, and will feature Nebraska medical experts discussing important topics like lung cancer screening and treating pediatric asthma.Erin Smith is a senior manager with... more››
Omaha Non-Profit for Students to Host Fall Service Day An Omaha organization that supports students from low-income backgrounds in getting college degrees will celebrate its annual Fall Service Day this Saturday.Over 350 high school and college students associated with the non-profit College Possible will volunteer their time Saturday as part of a group service project. The volunteers will partner with fellow Omaha non-profit Open Door Mission to... more››
Scribner to vote on ordinance targeting illegal immigration Among the many decisions facing voters this fall, one in the eastern Nebraska town of Scribner taps into a national debate on immigration. And the issue also reflects concerns about change.Standing on the brick-paved Main Street of Scribner, Nebraska, you’re surrounded by storefronts dating from the late 19th through the 20th century. At the end of the business district sits a building... more››
UNK World Affairs Conference to Feature International Diplomats, Local Leaders The University of Nebraska at Kearney will host its annual James E. Smith Midwest Conference on World Affairs Monday and Tuesday (October 22 and 23) with prominent speakers and ambassadors scheduled to discuss activism in the face of global issues.The title of the conference is “The World in Crisis: A Call to Activism.” The focus of the discussion is to inspire students, faculty and community... more››
Community Health Endowment of Lincoln to Sponsor Poverty Simulation Leadership Lincoln will host a simulation in November to demonstrate the hardships of living in poverty.The simulation gives participants a unique role and different tasks they need to accomplish with limited resources.Marcia White is a program manager for the Community Health Endowment of Lincoln, a sponsor of the project. She has volunteered for past poverty simulations and said people who... more››
Listen: 2018 Governor's Lecture in the Humanities with Jon Meacham Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian Jon Meacham was the keynote speaker at the 23rd Annual Governor’s Lecture in the Humanities at the Lied Center in Lincoln, Nebraska on October 9, 2018. Meacham is the author of the new book, “The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels” and has also written about Presidents Andrew Jackson and George H.W. Bush. He spoke about the pivotal year... more››
Immigrants, Migrants Caught In Middle Of Rural Lawyer Shortage For many immigrants seeking a path to legal status, the search for credible immigration lawyers can often be lengthy and expensive. Farmworkers and others in rural areas face challenges finding a good lawyer.Angie Gomez has seen and heard plenty of stories about how hard it is for unauthorized immigrants and migrant farmworkers in rural areas to find lawyers to help them apply for or change... more››
State troopers association endorses Krist The State Troopers Association of Nebraska is endorsing state Sen. Bob Krist, the Democratic candidate for governor, and criticizing incumbent Republican Pete Ricketts.The Nebraska State Patrol was in the news a lot last year, with allegations of excessive use of force, sexual harassment, and high-level interference in internal investigations. Ricketts fired the leader he had appointed, Col.... more››