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Attracting New Horse Racing Fans with Creative Marketing Strategies With fewer live horse racing days at Nebraska tracks, the wagering handle dropping, and increased competition from neighboring states with more gaming options, track operators are getting creative with marketing strategies designed to attract new fans.It's a blustery, Friday afternoon at Grand Island's Fonner Park as the horses sprint from the gate for the second race of the day. Next to the... more››
Online sales tax bill dies in Legislature A measure that could have required online retailers to begin collecting sales tax from Nebraskans died in the Legislature Thursday.In 1992, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, in the case of Quill Corp v. North Dakota, that states can’t require out of state sellers to collect sales tax, if those sellers don’t have a physical presence, like a warehouse or a store, in the state. But the court may be on... more››
Sally Bard’s World War I Letters Forty-eight thousand Nebraskans fought in World War I. One was a farm boy from northeast Nebraska. Century-old letters and a journal tell the story of this young soldier far away from home.He signed his World War I enlistment record as Carl L. Bard. But everyone called him either Luther, his middle name, or more likely his nickname, “Sally.” Where that came from is a mystery, at least to Barb... more››
Lawyers for juveniles falls short; tax wrangling continues A move to require lawyers for juveniles in courts statewide fell short in the Legislature Wednesday. And maneuvering continued behind the scenes on a tax proposal.The juvenile lawyer bill pits advocates who say children need representation in court to avoid bad outcomes, against those who argue the system as it is now works well. Opposing Lincoln Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks’ proposal to extend the... more››
Legislature discusses budget, tax cuts Nebraska lawmakers wrestled with which direction the state should head on spending and taxes, Tuesday, as they debated the budget and a new tax plan was unveiled.The budget proposed by the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee cuts state agencies by two percent this year and two percent the next, except for higher education, which would get a one percent cut. It also takes $100 million from the... more››
Plan for more social workers in schools stalls in Legislature A proposal aimed at getting more social workers into the schools to help students and families with mental health problems stalled in the Legislature Monday.The proposal by Sen. Lynne Walz would put a social worker in each of the state’s 17 educational service units. Those are regional organizations that supply services to the state’s school districts. They are funded by property taxes. But Walz... more››
The Grocery List Of Hog Genetics U.S. farmers send more than 170 million hogs to market each year. That’s a lot of ham and bacon. To breed for that amount of pork, farmers rely on artificial insemination. It’s an international industry based in biology and groceries.When a man places 40 dozen eggs on the conveyor in the check-out line at the grocery store, it begs the question: What’s he going to do with all of them?This... more››
Medicaid petition drive launched; Larson charge pipeline opponents got Russian money denied Supporters of expanding Medicaid in Nebraska announced Friday they are launching an initiative petition drive to put the idea on the November ballot. The Legislature began debating making more mental health counselors available to students and families. And Sen. Tyson Larson accused the group Bold Nebraska of getting money from Russia to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, a charge Bold Nebraska... more››
War over Mars! Space law students grapple with law and science in futuristic court case Can lawyers save the day when the nations of earth fight over who should control the atmosphere on Mars?We better hope so! And it may be lawyers trained in Nebraska who make peace in the solar system.This year students from the University of Nebraska College of Law will compete in a moot court competition designed to test their courtroom skills and knowledge of legal case law and theories. It’s... more››
Legislation to head off tax increase advances; child booster seat age would be raised Nebraskans would be spared a tax increase as a result of federal changes, under a bill advancing in the Legislature. And children would have to use car booster seats longer, under another proposal advanced.Federal tax changes passed in December included abolishing personal exemptions. Because Nebraska’s income tax system is linked to the federal, the result would be a state tax increase of more... more››
Steel, Aluminum Tariffs Would Bring Deals For Consumers, Headaches For Farm Economy When President Donald Trump follows through on his plan to tax imported steel and aluminum, American farmers will get less money for some crops and pay more for machinery. There is a slight silver lining for consumers. Prices of some products may drop in the U.S.Farm groups say their members worry the countries targeted by the tariffs (the list of which has not been finalized by the Trump... more››
Old Episcopal Church In Central City Last Of Its Kind 150 years ago this year, the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska had just been born, a year after Nebraska had become a state. The Union Pacific Railroad had also started its steady march west. A forward-thinking bishop from Chicago used the railroad to spread the gospel and set up a string of small churches along the rail line. One of those churches is still standing, a time capsule of Nebraska’s... more››