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It was car vs airplane in a 1915 Nebraska State Fair race Auto racing used to be a staple of the Nebraska State Fair, which is happening now in Grand Island. An unusual race drew a huge crowd a century ago.It was competition, and spectacle. In September 1915, 30,000 people crowded around the dirt race track at the Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln to see something pretty unusual. A car racing an airplane.“I was a big deal,” said Bob Mays, a local racing... more››
Nebraska's death penalty: repealed or not? Is Nebraska’s death penalty repealed, or not? Events of the past week raise fundamental questions about the state’s ultimate punishment.You can go online and look up the law that sets the penalty for first-degree murder in the state: it’s Nebraska Revised Statute 28-105. You’ll see the maximum penalty for a class 1A felonies – the most serious crimes, including first-degree murder -- is life... more››
Nebraska Coach Mike Riley talks about transition, the spotlight and 2015 Huskers The Mike Riley-era of Nebraska football begins Saturday against Brigham Young. The former Oregon State coach takes over a recently-challenged but historical successful program. In this NET News Signature Story, Riley talks one-on-one with Kevin Kugler of NET Sports, host of "Big Red Wrap-Up," about the transition, life in the spotlight and the 2015 Huskers.KEVIN KUGLER, NET SPORTS: Coach, it’s... more››
Farmers preparing for fall bird flu outbreak amid ongoing mystery Farmers and agriculture officials are gearing up for another round of bird flu this fall, an outbreak they fear could be worse than the devastating spring crisis that hit egg layers and turkeys in the Midwest, sending egg prices sky-high.The potential target of the highly pathogenic avian flu this fall could be broilers, or meat chickens, as the outbreaks have been triggered and carried by wild... more››
The odd story of Fairbury’s “Flat Car Baby” and the Nebraska State Fair The Nebraska State Fair is underway in Grand Island with a wide range of exhibits and activities. But none will be as odd and tragic as what was planned for the Fair 100 years ago.An article in the Aug. 30, 1915 edition of the Omaha Bee tells the story of the “flat car baby,” an infant girl found on a flat car. Believed to be “abandoned by its mother” as a two-day-old in July, she was “wrapped... more››
Local researcher examines relationship between pesticides and bee behaviors Erin Ingram is an entomologist with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Recently, her and a team of fellow researchers set out to determine if there's a link between pesticides associated with orchards across the United States and Midwest and the behaviors of honey bees. NET News reporter Ben Bohall sat down with Ingram to talk about the study.NET NEWS: So often when we think about bees, we... more››
History shows Nebraska ballot campaigns have big passion, low success It’s hard work for a group to gather enough signatures on a petition to get an issue on the ballot in Nebraska.Getting voters to approve it is even harder.Since statewide ballot initiatives began in Nebraska in 1912 only about a third won a majority vote. Issues as varied as giving the vote to women, allowing casino gambling, and limiting local tax increases all failed on Election Day after very... more››
Death penalty supporters submit signatures for referendum Supporters of Nebraska’s death penalty turned in what they hope are more than enough petition signatures Wednesday to put the issue on the ballot for voters to decide next year. Standing in front of a pyramid of boxes filled with petitions, death penalty supporters said they had obtained 166,692 signatures. Under the state constitution, they need signatures from 10 percent of the state’s... more››
High Water in the Platte River Basin It's been a big water year on the Platte. This year’s wet spring sent as much water down the Platte River in two months as usually passes through in an average year.Standing on the bank of the Platte River at Audubon’s Rowe Sanctuary near Gibbon, Nebraska, conservation director Andrew Pierson points upstream to where a few disheveled trees spot the wide-open stretch of sand and water.“This... more››
We Can Send A Probe To Pluto, But Energy Storage Remains Elusive The ability to store energy could revolutionize the way we make and use electricity. But for many utility companies and regular folks, energy storage is still way out of reach. Inside Energy reports as part of its series "Blackout: Reinventing the Grid."For Jim and Lyn Schneider, the decision to invest in $50,000 worth of solar panels and battery storage was easy. There were no power lines near... more››
Can robots be meatpackers? Sorry, this job is still humans only While other manufacturing industries have turned to robots and automated machinery, meatpacking hasn’t. The lack of robots in meat processing gives insight into the limits of the technology, and the economics of putting meat on American tables. Meat processing makes up a huge portion of Great Plains communities’ rural economies. What happens inside meat processing plants affects not only the... more››
My Farm Roots: Learning the ropes In My Farm Roots, Harvest Public Media shares the experience of what it’s like to be a farm kid in 2015 by asking a few of them to tell their stories. Farm folks are known to be plain-spoken, but maybe not as much a little farm girl from Missouri.Kendra Lawson doesn’t have the typical schedule of a nine–year-old.  With just a week of summer left, she spent her days working with her dad and mom... more››