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Educators looks for creative ways to interest students in wildlife Nebraska teachers are trying to find creative ways to get their students out of the classroom, and out into nature. It's part of a larger push to get kids interested in the natural sciences by learning about the state's wildlife. “I want you to think about what this river has looked like before today. What this river has looked like in the past. Maybe through the eyes of Lewis and Clark or the... more››
Leading Research Center for Sustainable Agriculture Hangs On, Barely A leading research center focused on local farmers and environmental conservation is hanging on by a thread. Most of its funding has been cut even as the movement to diversify agriculture, which it helped launch, continues to thrive. The Iowa Legislature created the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture in 1987. Housed at Iowa State University, its mission is to improve the environmental... more››
Four decades after rape conviction, Omaha man gets parole; maintains his innocence After spending nearly 42 years in prison, 15,236 days, Juneal Pratt was granted parole. He assured members of the Nebraska Parole Board it was his intent to never give the state a reason to put him back in custody.In 1975 Pratt was convicted of rape and an unrelated purse snatching in Omaha. While in jail, he earned additional time for two escape attempts.At an April 27 meeting, the Parole Board... more››
Legislature fails to override any of Ricketts' budget vetoes In a day of sometimes bitter debate, Nebraska lawmakers failed to override any of Gov. Pete Ricketts’ budget vetoes.The major fight took place over a proposal by the Appropriations Committee to override more than $32 million Ricketts vetoed for providers of services in the areas of developmental disabilities, behavioral health, and Medicaid, particularly nursing homes. The funds would have been... more››
Lincoln Art Students Sculpting Excellence and Inspiration A group of Lincoln High School students and their teacher hope a new sculpture that combines photography, writing and some basic engineering will do more than just fill up an empty space. They’re hoping the piece also helps bring a very diverse campus together in an unusual way.With her sixth period art students gathered around, teacher Yvonne Meyer knows there’s work to do. There isn’t much... more››
Appropriations Committee recommends veto overrides The Nebraska Legislature’s Appropriations Committee Tuesday recommended overriding a little more than half the money Gov. Pete Ricketts vetoed out of the budget for the next two years. The move sets up a showdown over spending that some say extends beyond the next two years.The Appropriations Committee met to decide how to react to Gov. Pete Ricketts vetoes of $56.5 million worth of spending... more››
How prescription opioids are killing Nebraskans and the battle against this abuse Lots of people take prescription opioid painkillers to deal with acute pain. But abuse of these is killing Nebraskans. Mike Tobias talks with Nebraska’s attorney general and a pain physician about the problem and the battle against it. The interviews are from the NET News “Speaking of Nebraska” discussion program.The words “crisis” and “epidemic” are often used to describe the abuse of opioid... more››
Ricketts makes budget vetoes; workforce housing measure advances Gov. Pete Ricketts announced Monday he has vetoed $56.5 million worth of spending approved by the Legislature, which must now decide whether it wants to try and override those vetoes. And lawmakers advanced a bill supporters say will help address a housing shortage that’s hurting economic development.Gov. Ricketts had previously vetoed an $11 million installment toward replacing the Capitol’s... more››
Uncertainty Ahead For Farmers Depending On Government Climate Research Farmers and ranchers, with livelihoods tied to weather and the environment, may not be able to depend on government research to help them adapt to climate change if the Trump Administration shifts federal resources away from studying the climate.Farmers stand to lose a lot if worst-case climate projections come to pass. They are likely to face extreme swings in temperature and precipitation.... more››
What provokes us to intervene in violent situations? Understanding violence is at the forefront of international research. While most studies aim to figure out what compels an individual to commit violent acts, Psychologist Cynthia Willis-Esqueda at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is examining what compels bystanders to try and stop it. Willis-Esqueda surveyed 420 college students on two items: their attitudes toward violence and their... more››
The End of Sustainability: An Interview with Robin Craig For decades our environmental laws and policies have worked under the idea that nature will behave the same way in the future that it has in the past. But new ecological theory and a changing climate are causing some to rethink those approaches. NET News’ Ariana Brocious visited with Robin Craig, a law professor at the S.J. Quinney School of Law at the University of Utah. In April, Craig spoke... more››
Tax report spurs talk of more budget cuts; craft breweries win a round More bad financial news Wednesday raised the prospect of further state budget cuts, as senators continued to argue about state finances. Meanwhile, craft brewers won at least a temporary victory in their battle with larger beer companies.One day after senators voted final passage for a package of budget bills, the Department of Revenue reported net tax collections in April were $55 million less... more››