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Bioscience jobs, problem pregnancies, sex trafficking discussed in Legislature Proposals to stimulate bioscience businesses, help parents with problem pregnancies, and increase penalties for sex trafficking were among measures considered by the Nebraska Legislature Tuesday.Sen. Adam Morfeld is the sponsor of the bioscience proposal, which would allocate up to $2 million a year to support businesses in fields including biofuels, biotechnology, medicine, health and... more››
School districts look to lessons from immigration raid ten years ago in planning for the future Nebraska school districts have concerns over changing immigration policy. What role will a school play if a student’s parents are apprehended in a raid? A few are looking back to a similar event ten years ago for answers.In the basement of the Malone Community Center in Lincoln, immigration lawyer Max Greaves is giving a presentation on all things immigration. A small, diverse group listens as... more››
UNMC Scientists Reach "Milestone" in Parkinson's Disease Research A new drug to help combat the effects of Parkinson’s disease was demonstrated as safe and generally well tolerated during preliminary stages of a human trial. The findings of the study were published in the npj Parkinson's Disease medical journal.Parkinson's disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder which has no cure and has very limited treatments. It affects nearly one millions... more››
Teenaged killer from 30-year old York County murder case seeks reduced sentence Sydney Thieszen wants the state of Nebraska to believe he has changed.He made the case recently in York County District Court. Thieszen never said a word. Instead his attorney made the case through questioning of two mental health experts and a current corrections officer.Thirty years ago, when Thieszen was 14 years old, he murdered his younger sister Sacha in the family’s farm house in... more››
Tax package being shaped; lobbyist-provided meals to end Proposals designed to limit agricultural property taxes and cut income taxes got some preliminary thumbs up in a Nebraska legislative committee Thursday. But their fate remains unclear, amid confusion over their ultimate effects.Meeting behind closed doors, with only senators, staff, and reporters present, the Legislature’s Revenue Committee began putting together a package of proposed tax... more››
Trump’s USDA Pick Gets A Capitol Hill Hearing But No Vote Yet President Donald Trump’s pick to lead the U.S. Department of Agriculture, former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, testified in a confirmation hearing before the Senate Agriculture committee Thursday, but remains far from the head job at USDA.The committee did not indicate when it would vote on whether to advance Perdue’s nomination.Perdue was the last cabinet secretary Trump nominated, back on Jan. 19... more››
Child care subsidy freeze advanced; taxes, housing, lobbying, death penalty discussed A proposal to freeze child care subsidies moved ahead in the Nebraska Legislature Wednesday, but proposed tax changes remain stalled. And senators discussed housing, lobbying, and the death penalty.The proposed freeze on child care subsidies would affect about 18,000 low income families. Currently, subsidies are set at 60 to 75 percent of the market rate, and move up as care becomes more... more››
Senators discuss freezing child care subsidies The reality of the state’s budget crunch hit home Tuesday, as lawmakers debated freezing child care subsidies – a move that could save money now, but at the risk of costs down the road.Under current law, the state conducts a survey every two years of how much child care costs. Then, for people who qualify for a subsidy – a family of three with income less than about $26,000 for example – the... more››
New Plan Holds Promise to Clean Up Long-standing Groundwater Contamination Decades of intensive farming have contaminated the groundwater across many parts of Nebraska. A new plan may help farmers in the northeastern part of the state address the problem.Farmers rely on nitrogen fertilizer to maximize their bushels of corn and soybeans. But nitrogen not used by plants—because too much was applied, or the timing was off, or the rain or irrigation washed it away—makes... more››
Catholic Church influence on state policy discussed; tax talk continues Debate over confirming the state’s chief medical officer turned into a discussion of the power of the Catholic Church in the Legislature Monday. And the Revenue Committee continued to discuss tax changes, amid disagreement over scheduling those changes out into the future.Monday’s debate was officially about confirming Dr. Thomas Williams as the state’s chief medical officer, in charge of... more››
Corn Belt farmers wary as federal ag leadership shifts President Donald Trump nominated former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue as Agriculture Secretary, bucking a trend of Midwestern leadership at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and making many in the farm country of the Midwest a little leery.Coupled with the appointments of leaders from Oklahoma and Texas to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy, respectively,... more››
Legislature finally adopts rules; "life" plates advance; cig tax increase heard It was a day of inside baseball and intentional, SLOW walks in the Nebraska Legislature. Senators gave up trying to change their rules, and sat through more filibusters, while advancing a bill to authorize “Choose Life” license plates.On the first day the officially nonpartisan Legislature met this year, a bloc of about 27 mostly conservative Republican senators dominated elections for committee... more››