It’s believed that hundreds of people are sold for sex in Nebraska each year. Where sex trafficking happens in the state may surprise you.“For most of our trafficking victims... more››
At the grocery store, processed foods like cereal, crackers and candy usually maintain the same price for a long time, and inch up only gradually. Economists call these prices “... more››
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Nebraska State Senator Al Davis has been fined $500 for not disclosing a potential conflict of interest concerning legislation that affected a company whose stock he owned.Sen.... more››
State Poet Twyla Hansen was inspired by Willa Cather and Mari Sandoz, whose work is deeply steeped in their prairie roots.About halfway through her stint at Nebraska state poet,... more››
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More Nebraskans started getting arrested for pot possession when Colorado legalized the drug according to a new study by researchers at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.... more››
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