An old tractor used by the last homesteader is now on display at the site of the first homestead. But it took a huge effort to get the tractor to the Homestead National Monument... more››
A debate over water project taxes veered into discussion of the flag, slavery and the holocaust in the Legislature Tuesday. And a public hearing was held on setting aside money... more››
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A proposal for deep cuts in property taxes was hailed as long overdue, and blasted as shortsighted, in a public hearing Thursday. And there was an outbreak of song on the floor... more››
We’ve probably all heard the predictions, that in the current disruptive internet and digital age, traditional public libraries don’t have much of a future. They’ve heard it too... more››
A proposal to spread the cost of Nebraska’s compliance with the Republican River compact got bogged down in the Legislature Wednesday. And a bill aimed at tightening requirements... more››
With unemployment at 2.7 percent in Nebraska and below 4 percent across the Great Plains, lots of companies are looking for help. The shortage is stunting the growth of... more››
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A proposal on managing prairie dogs produced an urban-rural split Wednesday in the Nebraska Legislature. And a public hearing was held on posting child abuse hotline numbers in... more››
 Gov. Pete Ricketts’ budget director began public discussion of proposed budget cuts with the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee Monday. And lawmakers took a step toward... more››