With the Republicans taking control of the U.S. Senate, some say legislation previously stymied by Democrats will move ahead – including to approve the proposed Keystone XL oil... more››
Voters in Nebraska’s second district finally know who will represent them in Congress.Eight term congressman Lee Terry formally conceded the race to his democratic challenger... more››
UPDATE 11/5/14 - Lee Terry conceded the 2nd District race Tuesday afternoon after Democrat Brad Ashford built on his lead from election night. Ashford will be the first Democrat... more››
Republican Pete Ricketts swept to victory in Nebraska’s governor’s race Tuesday, and promised to begin work right away on challenges facing the state.Video of Rickett's victory... more››
Ben Sasse will be Nebraska’s newest U.S. Senator. With more than 60 percent of the vote, the Republican easily defeated three other candidates in the general election.From the... more››
Starting in January, Nebraska will have the first new attorney general since 2003.Lincoln-based lawyer Doug Peterson will replace the man currently in the job, Jon Bruning, who... more››
The New Year will mean a raise for Nebraskans at the low end of the pay scale. An aggressive campaign to increase the state’s minimum wage won big.Six out of ten Nebraskans... more››
Nebraska voters are going to the polls today, deciding who will be their elected representatives in a number of offices. Follow this post for results and updates throughout... more››
Concerns over concussions are often at the forefront of student athletics. NET News takes a look at how concussion research and recent Nebraska legislation are affecting student... more››
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A special legislative committee grilled Gov. Dave Heineman Wednesday about problems in how Nebraska’s prisons are run. Heineman acknowledged the problems, blamed prison... more››