A documentary premiering on NET Television shares the remarkable story of a reclusive Nebraskan who created an amazing body of art work.  Emery Blagdon and His Healing Machine,... more››
As students head back to school, many are also headed back to the garden. School gardens are on the rise, offering a chance to learn about math and science through a hands-on... more››
Gas prices across the country average well over $3.00. But there is a cheaper option. Flex fuel vehicles can fill up with E85, gas with 85 percent ethanol made from corn.... more››
The High Plains Aquifer is enormous, reaching from Nebraska to the Texas panhandle. But it’s running low in places, forcing some farmers to drop irrigation for “dry land” farming... more››
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The new Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln is set to open next week. Supporters say the new entertainment and sports venue is just what Nebraska needs to begin competing on the... more››
According to the farm bill, when sugar prices fall too low, the government must buy sugar to bring it back up. Good for Nebraska sugar beet farmers, but not food companies who... more››
Latinos are often considered to be a voting bloc, which largely leans liberal and votes for Democrats. In the 2012 election, 7 out of 10 Latinos voted for President Obama. But... more››
The largest seed vault in the U.S. serves as a locked-down, genetic warehouse. It once stored unapproved biotech wheat that was recently found in Oregon. The vault was not the... more››
Most young people get into agriculture by becoming a part of the family operation. It’s been this way as long as Nebraskans have been farming and ranching. But there are many... more››
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