Forget Trekkies – there’s a new fandom in town, centered around a cartoon show created for little girls. Yet most of the fans? They’re males in their twenties. Take a peek inside... more››
This week the Nebraska State Legislature considers a bill to repeal the use of capital punishment.  During our research for the NET News documentary “…until he is dead: A History... more››
Omaha politics are rarely dull. Such is the case again this spring, with a heated race for mayor of the state’s largest city. In today’s Signature Story, Mike Tobias of NET News... more››
Climate experts in the United States are predicting only “limited improvement” of drought conditions in the Great Plains, including Nebraska in the coming months.  Cool, damp... more››
The United Nations declared 2012 the International Year of the Cooperative, but the number of co-ops in Nebraska has been steadily declining. The cooperative model, long a staple... more››
Last year, much of the country, including Nebraska, saw the hottest year on record, along with an ongoing drought. Climate change scientist Cynthia Rosenzweig of the NASA Goddard... more››
Americans like eggs. We consume about 250 eggs per person each year. However, the poultry business is often criticized for how it cares for the millions of hens that lay all... more››
Across the country people are eating fewer potatoes. Talk with a potato grower and they’ll blame anti-carb diets. To reverse the trend, the potato industry is giving the... more››
A former Nebraska teacher, state senator and business person is now living in the poverty-stricken country of Kenya.  David Bernard-Stevens is teaching leadership skills to... more››
More than 20 years after joining the endangered species list, the pallid sturgeon is treading water. The population is stable, but not recovering. But any plans to rebuild the... more››
Outdoor recreation brings close to $6 billion to Nebraska every year. That industry is fueled by people participating in activities like hiking, hunting, waterskiing, and bird... more››
A growing number of hog farmers are going their own way. By raising only purebred hogs on specialty diets they are prospering in a difficult industry. Their business model puts... more››