The U.S.S. Arizona was one of four battleships destroyed during the Dec. 7, 1941 attacks on Pearl Harbor. 1,177 crewmen were killed. 75 years later, retired professor Don Johnson... more››
Losing a big company leaves an economic scar on a city. But in Sidney, Nebraska, nearly one-third of the town works at the headquarters of the outdoor retailer, Cabela’s.... more››
Cabela’s will merge with its competitor, Bass Pro Shops, in a $5.5 billion deal. Now, the town of Sidney in the Nebraska panhandle is wondering about the future of the hunting... more››
Despite pleas from some members of the public, Nebraska’s  Electoral College members Monday cast all five of the state’s electoral  votes for Donald Trump.Well in advance of the... more››
Let’s say you’re a high school student in an agronomy or agriculture class and you’re looking for some real-world experience. You can’t just buy a few hundred acres on which to... more››
Law enforcement and service agencies have known sex trafficking is a significant problem in Nebraska. But detailed research and information has been lacking, until now. Mike... more››
Among the many things they do, law enforcement officers are often the first responders for people with mental health problems. That has prompted some new thinking about how to... more››
Two years after Ebola patients arrived in Omaha for treatment, the University of Nebraska Medical Center continues to refine procedures for handling patients with dangerous... more››
There is a battle going on in the organic industry over hydroponics, the technique of growing plants without soil. The debate gets at the very heart of what it means to be “... more››
In 1998, there were only four wind turbines in the entire state. Now, there are more than 700. But as Nebraska’s wind farms continue to expand, finding trained people to work... more››
This winter, the Museum of Nebraska Art in Kearney is featuring the work of Nebraska Latina artists in the first show of its kind.In the center of the white-tiled exhibition hall... more››
Nebraska is known as the beef state. Meat production is a huge part of the state’s agriculture industry. But a proposal that would jumpstart the chicken business here has some... more››