The new NET News documentary "...until he is dead" explores the history of capital punishment in Nebraska.  Research for the program revealed fascinating details about how the... more››
When the economic recession hit in 2008, many industries experienced a drop-off in sales and growth. Not true for the craft brewing industry, which had double digit growth... more››
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Financial information about politicians can be useful to voters and political watchdog groups – but it’s not always easy to come by. If you do dig into what’s available, what... more››
Organic farmers felt left out in the cold when Congress enacted new farm bill legislation on Jan. 1. Lawmakers cut virtually all funding for organic farm programs while retaining... more››
Supporters of expanding Medicaid in Nebraska say tens of thousands of low-income people could gain health insurance coverage. Critics say the cost could run into unknown millions... more››
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The 2012 to 2013 flu season is in full swing in Nebraska. It struck earlier than usual, and is sending around 500 Nebraskans a week to the doctor. The flu has been linked to at... more››
This year’s drought delivered a pricey punch to U.S. aquaculture, the business of raising fish like bass and catfish for food. A record hot and dry year in 2012 hurt many U.S.... more››
When it comes to contemporary art, forget paintbrushes, blocks of stone or pottery wheels; for some Nebraska artists, it’s all about supercomputers, lines of code and robots. But... more››
A biosecurity lab aimed at protecting the U.S. food supply continues to run into opposition. In Manhattan, Kan., the site of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility is still... more››