A Loup City High School student used his passion and personal experience with the state's juvenile justice system to prepare an award-winning speech in his first year of... more››
Half of black Nebraskans have never been married, compared with 29 percent among the state’s total population. This reflects a larger national trend: a growing segment of the... more››
One in three Native American women will face domestic or sexual violence in their lifetimes; many will suffer both. The recent expansion of the federal Violence Against Women Act... more››
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A doctor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, expanding on Nobel Prize winning research, has developed a new way of creating stem cells.In his fourth floor laboratory at... more››
Nebraska’s western neighbors have seen big boosts in their oil and gas production in recent years. Along with the drilling boom, several states have passed new regulations... more››
Grain dust that can pile up in grain elevators can be more explosive than gun powder. After a deadly explosion in northeast Kansas, some of the victims’ families say the only way... more››
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Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the deadliest tornado outbreak in Nebraska history. On March 23, 1913, seven tornadoes struck eastern Nebraska, ripping through Omaha and... more››
The deadliest tornado outbreak in Nebraska history occurred a century ago on March 23, 1913. More than 100 Nebraskans died, many others were injured. Those in the path of the... more››
It was a day like no other in Nebraska’s history. On March 23, 1913, Easter Sunday, seven tornadoes struck eastern Nebraska, ripping through Omaha and several smaller towns.... more››