The University of Nebraska Lincoln has hired a new athletic director, less than four weeks after firing Shawn Eichorst on September 21st. The new head of Nebraska athletics has... more››
Farmers in southern Nebraska’s Republican River valley need water to irrigate their crops. But they also have to leave enough in the river to meet Nebraska’s legal obligation to... more››
Pesticides used on corn and soybeans can harm beneficial insects, especially pollinators like bees. A team of researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is looking at how... more››
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When you head to the supermarket you want to see milk on the shelves at a reasonable price. That’s one reason the government supports dairy farmers, but some say the government... more››
Holding onto heritage while acclimating to the non-Latino world. It’s often a challenge for young Latinos. They face the pressures of having “a foot in each culture.”Different... more››
Most of us know a bit about the history African slavery in North America, but not much is known about the enslavement of hundreds of thousands of American Indians. It was a 400-... more››
In 1937 two Boone County law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty. Eighty years later two suspects in the murders have been identified.According the Nebraska... more››
Nebraska will offer hiring bonuses and increased pay for Corrections employees, in an effort to reduce vacancies and forced overtime in the state’s prison system.Corrections... more››
For rural hospitals struggling to stay financially viable, obstetric services are often among the first programs cut. More than half of the country’s rural counties no longer... more››
After decades of complaints about Whiteclay, Nebraska, a Nebraska Supreme Court ruling guaranteed the four beer stores in the tiny border town will close forever.The beer stores... more››
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