The average cost of a hotel in the U.S. is about $120 per night. Meanwhile the average cost of renting a room through the peer-to peer property rental service Airbnb is $80. The... more››
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A measure that could have required online retailers to begin collecting sales tax from Nebraskans died in the Legislature Thursday.In 1992, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, in the... more››
Forty-eight thousand Nebraskans fought in World War I. One was a farm boy from northeast Nebraska. Century-old letters and a journal tell the story of this young soldier far away... more››
A move to require lawyers for juveniles in courts statewide fell short in the Legislature Wednesday. And maneuvering continued behind the scenes on a tax proposal.The juvenile... more››
Nebraska lawmakers wrestled with which direction the state should head on spending and taxes, Tuesday, as they debated the budget and a new tax plan was unveiled.The budget... more››
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Nebraskans would be spared a tax increase as a result of federal changes, under a bill advancing in the Legislature. And children would have to use car booster seats longer,... more››