‘Nature’ Miniseries Reveals Never-Before-Seen Animal Behavior

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January 17, 2018

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‘Nature’ Miniseries Reveals Never-Before-Seen Animal Behavior

LINCOLN, Neb. (Jan. 17, 2018) – Go where no human cameraman can go and witness a new perspective of the animal kingdom in “Animals with Cameras, A Nature Miniseries.”

The new, three-part series journeys into animals’ worlds using custom, state-of-the-art cameras worn by the animals themselves. It premieres at 7 p.m. CT, Wednesday, Jan. 31-Feb. 14 on NET. Animals with Cameras, A Nature Miniseries

Each episode will be available to stream the following day at http://pbs.org/nature.

Capturing never-before-seen behavior, these animal cinematographers help expand human understanding of their habitats and solve mysteries that have eluded scientists until now.

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan and a team of pioneering animal behaviorists join forces to explore stories of animal lives “told” by the animals themselves. The cameras are built custom to fit unobtrusively on the animals and to be easily removed.

From this unique vantage point, viewers will experience the secret lives of nine different animal species. “Animals with Cameras” visits eight countries and features three different species per episode.

Examples include sprinting across the savanna with a cheetah, plunging into the ocean with a seal or swinging through the trees with a chimpanzee.

“Animals with Cameras, A Nature Miniseries” is a BBC Studios Production for PBS and BBC with THIRTEEN Productions LLC. Now in its 36th season on PBS, “Nature” pioneered a television genre that is now widely emulated in the broadcast industry, bringing the natural world to millions of viewers.

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