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April 9, 2018
Olive Bucklin was a woman of many talents and a well-respected producer at NET. In 2010 she became ill and was later diagnosed with early onset... more››
April 9, 2018
Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Betsy Johnson… are just a few of the names on a long list of international fashion designers Nebraska native... more››
April 4, 2018
"Gentle Valor" In 1968, Cheryl Feala was a recent nursing graduate and a 2nd Lieutenant in the United State Army stationed at Chu Lai Airbase, just... more››
April 2, 2018
In 1968, Cheryl Feala was a nursing graduate and a 2nd Lieutenant in the United State Army stationed at Chu Lai Airbase located just 55 miles from... more››
April 2, 2018
How does a sports program and its players finish a season, knowing it’s the last? Follow the women’s basketball team of Grace University as they... more››
April 2, 2018
A internationally renowned taxidermist Todd Kranau of Blue Hill creates a bison mount for visitors to view at the Crane Trust and Visitor Center. How... more››
April 2, 2018
Grow an Extra Row is a special program that encourages home gardeners to grow extra produce to give some away to those in need. This new statewide... more››
March 26, 2018
“Toadstool” Located within the Oglala National Grasslands, Toadstool Geologic Park is named for its unusual toadstool shape formations. This arid... more››
March 19, 2018
“Nebraska’s Solar Eclipse” For the first time in 99 years, a total solar eclipse crossed the entire continental United States, with an entire swath... more››
March 18, 2018
For over 35 years, she planned out the Plant of the Week for every episode of Backyard Farmer. After turning 95, long-time Extension Master Gardener... more››