Humanities Desk On Demand

January 12, 2018
In an old building just off 24th street in historic South Omaha, there’s a good chance you’ll find a self-described “fast-talking Polish guy” doing his best to save the legacy of the neighborhood where he’s spent most of his life. He’s opened a museum, a modest tribute to a part of Omaha that’s... more››
January 3, 2018
Writer Britny Cordera is a living anachronism. Dressed in retro clothing from secondhand stores, she is a frequent site on the sidewalks of Omaha’s Old Market. Her writing tool is secondhand as well. She uses a 1904 Corona typewriter to write poetry on request, delivering catharsis to all who seek... more››
December 22, 2017
On the December 22nd Friday LIVE Solstice and Christmas Special: Coro di Flauti flute choir performs; State Poet Twyla Hansen reads her poetry; Bob Hall reads a soldiers memories of a Christmas at Fort Robinson, provided by Nebraska History Museum and Nebraska State Historical Society; guitarist... more››
December 12, 2017
You might not guess it, but Nebraska took in more refugees per capita than any other state last year. For one particular group, Lincoln has become its de facto capital in the U-S, a safe place for people displaced by religious and ethnic persecution. Now, several thousand Yazidi refugees see... more››
November 29, 2017
After nearly a year of major renovations, the historic Dundee Theater in Omaha is set to re-open later today. Built in 1925, it’s been a nearly constant part of the community for almost a century, and with more than $7 million in upgrades, could be around for a lot longer.
November 20, 2017
T.J. Stiles, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian, delivered the 2017 Nebraska Governor's Lecture in the Humanities on October 3rd, 2017.
November 15, 2017
A 65-year-old mural damaged in a fire at the Sons of Italy Hall in Omaha earlier this year will look a lot better when it’s returned to its home in 2018. The painting has gotten some much-needed care from an art restoration expert and will once again be the centerpiece of the building when... more››
November 7, 2017
In a red metal barn on a hill in Denton, Nebraska, population 205, a retired Lutheran pastor is giving old organs new life. It’s a hobby that’s helping preserve musical instruments that are long past their prime, but still have a few songs left in them. The antique pump organs that fill Norm Porath... more››
October 20, 2017
On the October 20th program, join host Genevieve Randall and guests for lively conversations about: the next Lincoln Friends of Chamber Music concert with the Dorian Wind Quintet; the most recent Humanities on the Edge speaker, Ronald Judy; "Evil Dead: The Musical" at the Tada Theatre in Lincoln; “... more››
October 17, 2017
National Endowment for the Humanities Acting Chairman Jon Peede was in Omaha recently, his second visit away from Washington D.C. since he was appointed to the role by President Trump in July. Peede spent a number of years with the National Endowment for the Arts in various roles. The NEH has... more››