Humanities Desk On Demand

June 18, 2009
Forty years ago, North Omaha broke out in riots at the news that a 14-year-old Black girl had been shot and killed by an Omaha police officer. Now, for the first time, Strong's sister talks about the events that left a permanent mark on Omaha's predominantly African-American neighborhood.
June 5, 2009
A group of UNL journalism students and their professor are touring the state looking to photograph the human side of economic changes. Jerry Johnston reports.
May 29, 2009
Nebraska's World War II veterans have been visiting the World War II Monument in Washington courtesy of the Honor Flight program. Last weekend, there was a final reunion of the Honor Flight veterans. There was also another reunion—a small group of vets met with some of the people they liberated... more››
May 22, 2009
Volunteering to dance with soldiers at USO clubs was considered supporting the troops. Dancing with strangers was a risk to your reputation. That was the balance young women and the USO had to strike during WWII. Jerry Johnston reports.
May 11, 2009
Many families will celebrate Mother's Day this weekend. But in over two million American homes, grandparents are the ones are getting children out of bed and ready for the day.
April 27, 2009
Christians, Muslims and Jews share a common spiritual ancestor in Abraham. Even though the faiths are different, sharing a common background has allowed room for dialogue. Dialogue is everywhere, but sharing a common place of worship—that is pretty unique. And it is happening in Omaha—or at least,... more››
April 21, 2009
Everyone knows the frustration of those unwanted telephone sales calls. But what if, instead of a sales pitch, you heard an inspirational quote? From Omaha, Robyn Wisch reports on a new, artistic twist on telemarketing.
April 21, 2009
Memorial Stadium fills with thousands of Nebraska football fans for the annual spring scrimmage. There is a special measure of pride for small towns in Nebraska represented by a player on the field. Jerry Johnston has this story of one Nebraska football player and the surprising and lasting... more››
March 30, 2009
A group of writers, mostly from indigenous backgrounds, are witnessing the crane migration along the Platte. These writers find connection to their own culture in the movement of the cranes. Jerry Johnston reports.
March 16, 2009
Mark Wilkens was the only American who remained in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. He is the first in a Lincoln Public School series of speakers on the topic of genocide.