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Pulitzer Prize winning historian on Abraham Lincoln and Slavery

September 30, 2011
For more on Foner's Nebraska appearance, click here

New Alliance Veterans Cemetery brings hist

May 28, 2010
A new veterans cemetery is under construction in the Nebraska Panhandle on the site of an airfield built for World War II combat training. Jerry... more››

History Detective host and Architectural Historian Gwendolyn Wright

October 30, 2009
One of the hosts of the PBS show History Detectives will be in Nebraska Monday, November 2. Gwendolyn Wright - the one with the spiky hair and... more››

Small town school mural relevant after 50 years.

October 2, 2009
Some students were saying the 50 year old mural in their school looked too old-fashioned. That's until they started to find out what it means From... more››

Nebraska couple featured in Ken Burns' National Parks documentary

September 25, 2009
NET has an extensive website on The National Parks: America's Best Idea. You can see footage from documentary, find out more about the Gehrke's,... more››

Historic cabin on the move

September 18, 2009
A historic cabin is being moved to a new location at Homestead National Monument near Beatrice. The new location will be out of the flood plain,... more››

Omaha Library Stays Open With Private Funds

September 4, 2009
On this Labor Day weekend, a group of Omaha city employees is happy to still have work. As Robyn Wisch reports, librarians are still on the job at... more››

Nebraskan helps build houses for Guatemalans.

August 28, 2009
When a retired Nebraska architect decided to learn some Spanish, he ended up as a bricklayer's helper in Guatemala. Jerry Johnston reports.Click... more››

Tribal Culture in Afghanistan

August 14, 2009
Thursday 8/20/09, people in Afghanistan will vote for their next president. The US has increased its military presence, and the Taliban has... more››

New Novel set in the Nebraska Sandhills

July 24, 2009
Ladette Randolph left Nebraska last year to edit Ploughshares, a distinguished literary journal. She returns to her roots with her first novel,... more››