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Create a public event. All submissions will be reviewed and approved by an editor before appearing on the site. Only arts & humanities / cultural related events will be approved.

When entering events:
  • Enter the event at least 2 weeks prior to event date.
  • Fill out all information required as completely as possible.
  • Enter your event one time only. It will not appear on the site before reviewed by an editor.
  • If your event does not appear after a few days, please contact us and we will investigate.

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Please include all information that will be relevant to your visitors (ie. ticket prices, age restrictions, etc.). If your event spans multiple days, please add all dates and times it occurs in this description area for clarity.

Ongoing Events: If your event is an ongoing event that occurs over many weeks, please check the "show end date" box below and set the "TO:" date to the last occurrence. Do not use the "REPEAT" function and make sure you include the specific days/hours in the description so users know exactly when to attend.

Repeat Events: If your event repeats fourteen or less times in a calendar year, you should set these up using the repeat function. Enter as a single event and then check the "REPEAT" box below to configure its schedule.

For additional guidance, including examples, please view this instruction sheet.
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E.g., Feb 24 2021
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E.g., Feb 24 2021
E.g., Feb 24 2021
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