"What If..." Original Music

Music by Nebraska composers featured in "What If..." stories

Daniel Christian (Liliedahl Imaging photo)


Eshaan Giri (courtesy photo)


Conner McConnell (courtesy photo)


Meredith Ollerich (Swinarski Photography photo)


Dmitrii Shaposhnikov (courtesy photo)

We thought a project about creativity and innovation should feature original music by Nebraska composers! These songs were used in these "What If..." segments, listed with the composer who created the piece.

Ord Economic Development

UNO Biomechanics Program

  • “Happiness & Celebration” by Dmitri Shaposhnikov
  • “Juniper” by Philip Daniel, ft Shawn Williams
  • “Bruisin' the Bricks” by Daniel Christian
  • "Pursuit of Happiness" by Conner McConnell
  • "Sunday Comics" by Peter Sukstorf


Church Renovation

UNMC's iEXCEL Program

  • “The Tiny Sailboat” by Conner McConnell
  • “Shards of Light” by Josh Spaulding
  • “Progress” by Nathan Todhunter

Quantified Ag's Cattle Health Tags

  • “Man Makes the Ark” by Daniel Christian
  • “Birth and Death of a Dream” by Philip Daniel
  • “Flight” by Meredith Ollerich
  • “Gold Rush” by Dmitri Shaposhnikov

Growing Great Beginnings

Flywheel's Workplace Culture