Water Today. Water Tomorrow.


Please enjoy this NET Connects special presentation of “Water Today. Water Tomorrow.”, produced in partnership with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources. Learn about Nebraska's water picture and how our state's water management system works to proactively protect Nebraska's water supply. Explore programs and actions taken by the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources to protect Nebraska's towns and cities, irrigators, land owners, and endangered species through permitting, data collection, safety precautions, research and planning for Nebraska’s surface and groundwater resources.

Online Extra Features

How do we protect our valuable water resources in Nebraska? "Water Today. Water Tomorrow.", delves into the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources and uncovers the programs and the unique systems in place to ensure a long-term... more››
There are thousands of dams in the state of Nebraska, built for many reasons. Most Nebraskans benefit from dams in one way or another, and it's crucial to maintain them properly. Get an inside look at Nebraska dams with Tim Gokie... more››
The field offices of the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources are a crucial part of sustaining a reliable statewide water future. The field office crew measures the amount of water in Nebraska's streams and rivers for many... more››
The Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network connects more than 700 Nebraskans who take an active role in tracking Nebraska's precipitation.
When water flows across the borders from one state into another, water usage rights can be complicated. Learn the three different approaches Nebraska has taken to work collaboratively with surrounding states to protect water... more››
What is the difference between surface and groundwater? And how are the two systems connected to each other? Nebraska DNR Director, Gordon W. Fassett, walks us through the basics of hydrologic connection and groundwater recharge.