Stratcom 9/11: A Different Doomsday

On September 11, 2001 America's strategic nuclear forces prepared for a "practice Armageddon." During the final stages of a war game exercise orchestrated by the Nebraska-based Strategic Command, another sort of doomsday unfolded.

The NET News program STRATCOM 9/11 A Different Doomsday shares the stories of the men and women serving at STRATCOM and Offutt Air Force base on the day te rrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. These stories have never before been shared publicly.

Since the 1950's STRATCOM deterred other nations armed with nuclear weapons from attacking the United States. On 9/11 this same group found itself challenged and playing a unique role in the nation's response. From the time they learned of the attack Airman raced to secure the nation's nuclear weapons while their commanders hastily provided President George W. Bush a safe haven in the underground command bunker. These are the personal stories of individual men and women faced with uncertainty and the deep sense of loss felt by everyone that day. The program marks the 10 th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The Radio Series

  • In the chaos that followed the 9/11 attacks President Bush was rushed to the super-secret STRATCOM underground command post as a temporary base of operations. For the first time, two men share their "behind closed door" eye witness account of that visit.
  • Don Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense on Septemter 11. In an exclusive interview with NET News, he reflects on the decision to send the President to Nebraska and how STRATCOM has changed in the decade since.