Rosenblatt: The Final Inning

For over half a century, college baseball teams from across the country have dreamt of finishing their season at Omaha's Rosenblatt Stadium.

No other city has become as synonymous with a championship event. In 2010, The College World Series took its last "at bat" in Omaha's Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium.

"Rosenblatt - The Final Inning," is a one-hour NET Sports documentary that traces the history and tradition of this grand old stadium. While Rosenblatt might be best known as the home of the College World Series, her walls also played host to the Omaha Cardinals, Omaha Royals and the Negro League's Omaha Tigers. But baseball wasn't the only sport to be seen in this south Omaha gem. Football, soccer & even tug of wars played out to adoring fans within Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium.

We will meet local characters that made this stadium so legendary. Guys like organist, Lambert Bartak who tickled the ivories at the ballpark for more than 50 years.

And the meticulous grounds keeper Jesse Cuevas who walked into the stadium as an 8-year old ball shagger & stayed until the last light went out. We'll find out what made this south Omaha neighborhood so appealing to fans from LSU & Southern California who have come back year after year, even if their team does not.

We'll grab some tailgate food in "Dingerville" & a malt at Zesto's ice cream shop which is now known worldwide.

Given the atmosphere that has grown over 60+ years at this amazing park, it is no wonder that baseball greats like Nomar Garciaparra, Joba Chamberlain, Todd Walker, Augie Garrido and the family of legendary coach, Rod Dedeaux have nothing but fond memories for the "diamond on the hill."

"Rosenblatt: The Final Inning," will re-trace the legendary stadium from its glory years though the emotional finish in 2010. The "Road to Omaha" will continue for many teams . . . only now, that road leads to downtown Omaha and to a new stage for the best of college baseball.