The Recipe Box

Hosted by Chef Brian O’Malley, Chef-Instructor, Institute for the Culinary Arts at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha

What is that one unique food your family loves to eat? You know, the one that zings your taste buds into orbit and rockets your brainwaves down memory lane when you take a bite. NET Television asked Nebraskans that same question and the result is a brand new cooking show called The Recipe Box.

The culmination of 170 recipe & story entries submitted by the people of Nebraska, The Recipe Box features host Chef Brian O’Malley traveling the state to visit the nine program finalists at home. In their kitchens, O’Malley shares his good humor and culinary expertise while learning how to make each cook’s favorite family food and hear the stories behind them.

Cooks, recipes, and stories featured in The Recipe Box are:

  • Platte River Pulled Pork with Jan Dutton, Lincoln A savory dish that Jan shares with her friends, The Wild Strawberries, during their annual weekend of canoeing the Platte River. Not even rain can dampen the spirits of their twenty-five year tradition.
  • Chicken and Potato Sazonado with Orlando Afanador, Schuyler A delicious aromatic stew of Puerto Rican tradition, it’s a dish Orlando fondly remembers his mother preparing when he was a boy growing up in New Jersey.
  • Worldwide Ginger Snaps with Sigrid Wimberly, North Platte When her nephew Jimmy was deployed to Afghanistan, Sigrid turned her kitchen into her own private canteen. Her spicy sweet cookies not only made the journey overseas, they made Jimmy a lot of new friends.
  • Leckerli Cookies with Beth Clarke, Blair The rediscovery of a family recipe in her grandmother’s cookbook sent Beth on a journey through her family tree where she learned the origins of this marvelous citrus and almond Swiss treat.
  • Dawson’s Apple Caramel Crunch Pie with Lesa Kechley and Dawson Parde, Nebraska City In coping ith the tragic loss of her daughter, baking with her grandson, Dawson, became Lesa’s saving grace. Together, they are building new family traditions while remembering the young woman who loved apples.
  • Italian Sausage and Peppers with Anita Miller of Neleigh At the annual Santa Lucia Festival, Anita shares memories of eating her Sicilian grandmother’s cooking and growing up in Omaha’s celebrated Italian neighborhood.
  • Halupsie with Angie Jenson of Papillion-La Vista Generally, a meal around a campfire usually includes hotdogs and hamburgers, but for Angie’s family it meant platefuls of her father’s tasty, rustic Germans from Russia dish.
  • Kolaches with Shirley Brunkow, Milligan If you love kolaches like Shirley’s neighbors love Shirley’s kolaches, then you’ll enjoy seeing how she whips up this time honored family favorite. What’ll it be - cherry, apricot, poppy seed, cottage cheese, or prune? All of the above?
  • Aebelskiver with Jake Nelson, Dalton The Viking tradition is alive and well in the veins of young Jake Nelson. With a pan of iron and a heart of gold he brandishes his culinary flare like a hot steel sword through butter.