A Parent's Guide To Hearing Loss

One to three per 1,000 newborns are diagnosed as deaf or hard of hearing each year. Due to requirements for early identification and newborn screening, parents are often caught by surprise when they are told their child is deaf or hard of hearing. The good news is that there is a broad array of resources available to help navigate this journey.

Peggy Williams,
Program Host & Mental Health Specialist
Nebraska Commission for the
Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Through story segments and studio panel discussions, viewers will learn about: the early identification and newborn screening process; prevention tips to protect children and teens from noise-induced hearing loss; and options to consider for education and parental support. Through personal stories from experts and from parents who have been through this with their children, viewers will hear one prevalent theme in the program – while there is a broad spectrum of support, expertise, and opinions regarding the best course of action, the parents are best qualified to make the best decisions concerning their child’s future.

A Parent’s Guide to Hearing Loss is presented through a partnership between NET Television and the Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Program production credits:  Executive Producer, Perry Stoner; Co-Producer and Program Host, Peggy Williams, Co-Producer/Writer/Editor, Penny Costello, Videography, Rays Meints & Tyler Kersting; Audio, Emily Kreutz & Phil Hammar, Graphics, Kristi Koser; Interactive Media Producer, Steve Exon, Transcription, Pat Richmond; Captioning, Verle Finke. Voice Interpreter, Ben Sparks.

Special thanks to Boys Town National Research Hospital, Barkley Memorial Center - University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Hands and Voices Nebraska, Nebraska Association for the Deaf, Nebraska School for the Deaf Alumni Association, Iowa School for the Deaf, Lincoln Public Schools – Irving Middle School, and the Southeast Nebraska Regional Program for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.




Jeff Simmons
Cochlear Implant Clinic Coordinator
Boys Town National Research Hospital


Marc Brennan
Amplification & Perception Laboratory Boys Town National Research Hospital




Rhonda Fleischer
State Liaison for Programs for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
NE Dept. of Ed, Hastings


Kristine Flott
Co-Founder & Past President
Nebraska Hands & Voices




Patti Neill
Program Coordinator
Assistive Technology Partnership, Cozad


Laura Moody
University of Nebraska-Kearney RiteCare Clinic