Nebraska Stories: Season 2 (2010-11)

Season 2 Episodes

This episode features the following segments: Beyond the Finish Line, The World Comes to Omaha, Afghan Journey, The Hot Recruit, and Lost on the Great Plains.
Featuring: Before the Battle, Film Dreams, Oriel's Cherry Pie, The Organ Builder, and Wind at One's Fingertips.
This episode of Nebraska Stories features the following stories: Satisfying Surprises, The Great Bison Kill, Betty's One-Room School, An Interview with Mari Sandoz, and The Wide Mizzoura.
Artist Mark Gilbert works on a drawing in The Medicine of Art
Nebraska Stories: The Medicine of Art, Episode 204
Featuring: Inside the Cornhusker Marching Band, Don't Touch That Dial (video unavailable), The Medicine of Art, and Vision Quest.  Episode video unavailable; see below for individual segments.
This episode features the following segments: Life as a Dance; Bright Eyes; In Country, Again; and Wicked Paint.
This episode includes the following segments: Small Town Glee, Quilted Conscience, Deconstructing Art, The Price of Water, and Rosenblatt: The Final Inning.