Nebraska Spirit: Go Big Red

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This program is a trip down memory lane. It looks at the glory days of the hoopla surrounding Nebraska sports…digging into the past and taking a glimpse at today to describe the passion only Nebraskans can understand.

Come along on this fun journey through the Nebraska archive up to today, as we hear stories of tradition and experiences that help us all discover the Nebraska mascots, yell squad, dance team, band...and passion behind Big Red sports!

Extra Tidbits

Former UNL Yell Squad Member and Author of the book "The Spirit of Nebraska" provides some additional history knowledge about Herbie Husker that didn't make the show.
Former Scarlet and current UNL Spirit Squad Coach, Erynn Nicholson Butzke demonstrates a signature move of the Scarlets known as the "Husker Hips".
Former UNL Yell King and Spirit Squad Coach, Chris Lofgreen sings "Hail Varsity" and "Dear Old Nebraska U."
UNL's Associate Director of Bands, and Director of the Cornhusker Marching Band, Tony Falcone, talks about how the audition process changed because of COVID-19.