Murder House: Real Life Crime

The Real Life Crime

Everyone who knew Jessica O’Grady did not believe she just left town without telling anyone among her friends and family. So it was not hard to think the worst when the pleasant young woman disappeared after visiting a young man she was interested in. A series of searches around Omaha, Nebraska found no trace of Jessica. Nonetheless, a few weeks later the Douglas County Attorney felt there was enough evidence to believe she had been murder and the man she went to visit, Christopher Edwards, was the killer. That was in the Summer of 2006.

It is rare that law enforcement agencies are able to help get a successful murder conviction when the victim is never found. In the documentary Murder House, viewers get a behind the scenes look at how the C.S.I. unit with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department prepares the evidence for trial.

NET Television producer Bill Kelly spent every day at the trial, writing a blog for KMTV News in Omaha. It provides a day to day account of how the case was pieced together for the jury. Ultimately that forensic evidence lead to the conviction of Christopher Edwards.