Murder House

“Murder House,” a documentary prepared by NET Television, takes you inside a unique training program for a new generation of crime scene investigators.  Students earning their Masters Degree in Criminal Forensics are put at the scene of a fictional, but realistic homicide.  Passing or failing the course hinges on their ability to properly collect and analyze the evidence and ultimately convince a mock grand jury that they identified the correct suspect. Meanwhile, the work of a real life C.S.I. Unit provides the crucial evidence in real life homicide trial.

This website takes you behind the scenes of the documentary and provides you with some fascinating details about how C.S.I. teams perform their duties and obtain the training needed to enter the field. Of note, one of the central figures in Murder House is David Kofoed, at the time of the broadcast, head of the Douglas County, Nebraska C.S.I. unit. On March 23rd, Kofoed was convicted of tampering with evidence in an unrelated homicide investigation.